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SEKEM - Study Trip to the "Miracle of the Desert

On this study tour you will get to know the sustainable economic movement SEKEM with its 16 vision goals and the "miracle of the desert".

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General info

SEKEM - Study trip to Egypt

This unique study trip to Egypt offers a unique insight into the fascinating world of SEKEM, one of the largest sustainability projects in the world, awarded, among others, the Alternative Nobel Prize. Experience first-hand how a community lives its mission to reconcile sustainability and social responsibility.

On our two travel dates you will have the opportunity to talk directly to the Founding family of SEKEM to get in touch and learn about their approaches, which are considered groundbreaking for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Experience how SEKEM is creating an inspiration for a sustainable future built on the pillars of culture, social, ecological and economic. From biodynamic agriculture, with the production of organic food and natural medicines, to living culture in the community, you will gain a deep insight into SEKEM's innovative work.

Travel period

Travel period

26.10.2023 - 02.11.2023

13.04.2024 - 20.04.2024




Minimum age


Number of participants

Number of participants

Limited to 20 seats

Skill levels

As a beginner, you have never really been off-piste. Here you will be guided from the very beginning.

Services &

Experience the SEKEM study trip as a comprehensive service package. In addition to flight, accommodation, meals and a carefully designed program, you will also receive additional knowledge about SEKEM before and after the trip as well as unique implementation impulses for the transformation.

When you register for the study tour you will receive the book "SEKEM Inspirations - Impulses for the change of the future". It gives you a deep insight into the SEKEM movement and its 16 vision goals for a sustainable and holistic future.

To ensure that you are optimally prepared, we offer you a webinar (90 minutes, online) before departure - accompanied by the Academy for Sustainability - which will give you important impulses for the upcoming trip.

About four to five months after the trip, an exclusive day workshop will take place in Pöllau to reflect and deepen your insights together. Take part in this unique and holistic experience that will bring you a lot for your future actions.




Included services

Included services

Book "SEKEM Inspirations - Impulses for the change of the future".

Introductory webinar (90 minutes)

Flight from Vienna

Accommodation in beautiful guesthouse with pool

Full board

Tour guide

All transfers according to the program

Additional services (Exclusive)

Individual excursions

One-day workshop in Pöllau for reflection (4-5 months after the study trip)

Travel period


Reisepreis 2.878 €

Single room supplement for 7 nights € 145

1-day seminar optional in Pöllau € 600

& Catering

The SEKEM Ecofarm (mother farm) with its associated farms is located in the desert about 80 km northwest of Cairo. There we will spend part of the stay in a beautiful guest house with pool and full board with fresh, organic food and drinks. From there we will take an exciting desert trip to the new SEKEM farm Wahat make. It goes with jeeps first in the black desert, about the crystal desert in the white desert with adventurous overnight stay in tents.

Room types

The farm has double and single rooms - please indicate this when booking.


On this SEKEM trip you will enjoy the highest quality and freshness that come directly to your plate from the SEKEM Ecofarm and are grown in harmony with nature. Be surprised by the variety of aromas and flavors while enjoying the awareness that your meals not only taste good, but also have a positive impact on the environment.


& Arrival

Egypt is a North African country located on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea and the western shore of the Red Sea. It has an area of about 1,001,450 square kilometers, making it the 29th largest country in the world.

Interesting spots/trails

SEKEM is one of the largest sustainability projects in Egypt, established in 1977 by Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish was founded. The goal of the project is to create a sustainable and socially responsible community focused on ecological and spiritual values. The project includes biodynamic agriculture with now 2,500 Egyptian farmers growing various crops and vegetables according to ecological principles, as well as schools, a medical center, a cultural center and a variety of social initiatives that benefit the local community. Since its founding, SEKEM has received numerous awards and accolades for its work in sustainability and social responsibility.

Travel options

The journey takes place together by plane from Vienna

Flight from Vienna


Here is an overview of the program of the study trip SEKEM

Day 1

The journey begins with the departure towards SEKEM. After a flight to Cairo and a comfortable cab ride to the SEKEM Ecofarm, you will be warmly welcomed at the guesthouse. Here you will be welcomed by representatives of the SEKEM Future Council and introduced to the fascinating world of SEKEM.

Sekem trip

Day 2

We leave for a trip to the desert farm Wahat Bahareya. During the approx. 6-hour journey, you will get deep insights into the SEKEM vision and learn more about the values and approaches of the community. In the midst of the breathtaking desert landscape, an overnight stay awaits you at the SEKEM Desert Farm Wahat.

Sekem trip

Day 3

On an exciting jeep tour, we explore the fascinating White Desert, stopping at five selected stations along the way. In the midst of the breathtaking desert landscape, we will dive into the world of sustainable business and learn how we can live and work in harmony with our planet Earth. We will also be introduced to sustainable ways of living that will inspire us and open up new perspectives. It will lead you to new insights through impulses and group workshops. Overnight stay in tents in the desert.

Day 4

On the way back to SEKEM Desert Farm Wahat, you will enjoy an incomparable view of the desert landscape in the jeeps. Once there, you will have the opportunity to visit the farm and experience the sustainable agriculture and education projects first hand. You will be introduced to the history of the farm and have the opportunity to follow the development of the SEKEM movement by witnessing the beginnings of the mother farm - as it was 40 years ago.

Day 5

We travel back to the SEKEM Ecofarm and use the ride in the bus to talk together about the 16 SEKEM vision goals and gather valuable impulses for the implementation of these goals.

Day 6

Explore the SEKEM Ecofarm on our exclusive tours and get to know the farms, biodynamic agriculture, schools, training workshops, medical care center, cultural arena and daily life in SEKEM. Immerse yourself in a world where sustainability, community and social responsibility are in harmony.

Day 7

Today we visit SEKEM University Heliopolis in Cairo, the first university for sustainability in the Arab region, as well as the 13 surrounding SEKEM villages that form the first concentric ring around SEKEM. Here you can see how the SEKEM vision is implemented on a larger scale.

Day 8

Final reflection and journey home

Tips & Info

On the study tour to SEKEM you will get a significant impulse for a better world. It is not a ready-made blueprint, but a source of inspiration for people who aspire to change. Here, culture, education and the world of work come together as one, embodying the concept of New Work and enabling a new social life. Through this experience you will leave with a renewed empathy, deep respect, love and curiosity.

Price 2.878 € p. person