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Vacation in the mountains: Crazy for summit happiness

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Our mountain trips take you to selected trails, peaks, routes and slopes in the most beautiful mountains in Europe. From snow camp for beginners to extreme downhill, there is something for everyone. At the moment we offer these mountain trips...

Ski, snowboard, mountain bike and neat mountain

No matter the season, we'll make sure you can have the fun you're looking for on the mountain.

For the following sports RETTER SPORTS offers you mountain trips to the most beautiful alpine sport destinations in Europe

Icon Ski


Skiing is the most beautiful sport in the world. 

At an altitude of over 1,000 meters, you can enjoy the fresh air and look out over the picturesque mountain landscape. As you ski down the slope on the glistening, fresh snow and the morning sun shines in your face, you become completely one with nature.

Skier on the slope

After a strenuous descent, warm up in rustic mountain huts and indulge in regional culinary specialties. In the evening, let yourself be carried away by the exuberant atmosphere in one of the numerous après-ski bars.

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RETTER SPORTS offers 6 trips for this sport at the moment

Icon Snowboard


Anyone who has ever watched the casual snowboarders gliding down the slopes has surely thought to themselves: I'd like to go down the slopes that cool, too. Since snowboarding involves standing with both feet on a single board and controlling direction and speed by weight shift alone, the sport is perfect for people who like a challenge.

Snowboarder on the slope

In search of an unforgettable vacation in the mountains, snowboard fans will definitely find what they are looking for at RETTER Sports.

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RETTER SPORTS currently offers 5 trips to this sport

Icon mountain bike

Mountain bike

When mountain biking in nature, you literally get into the flow and forget your everyday stress in an instant. At the top, wonderful views await you, on the way down you enjoy the feeling of freedom through high speed and bouncing on the trail. With the diverse selection of mountain bike trails, there is something for every level and age group.

Mountain biker in forest

You want to experience a real mountain bike adventure? Then pedal and book your vacation in the mountains now.

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RETTER SPORTS currently offers 15 trips to this sport

Your individual vacation in the mountains

You want a dream trip to the mountains, which corresponds to your personal ideas? Then RETTER Sports is the right place for you. We will develop a tailor-made offer for you. What are you waiting for? Book now an action-packed vacation in the mountains that you will look back on with pleasure.

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