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Experience Mont Blanc - Guided ski tour with Stefan Gatt

Your ski tour with mountain guide on the highest mountain in Europe

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General info

Summit happiness on the highest peak in the Alps? The ascent of Mont Blanc as a guided ski tour is one of the most breathtaking ski experiences in the world. And that's exactly why we at RETTER Sports would like to make this adventure possible for you. Together with an absolute professional: Stefan Gattwho, as a mountaineer and certified mountain guide, is the first and so far the only one who has already mastered Mont Everest on a snowboard and without oxygen. In short: The best guide for your guided ski tour on Mont Blanc.

Travel period

Travel period

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Minimum age


Number of participants

Number of participants

Maximum 8 participants

Skill levels

Steiles bis sehr steiles Felsgelände und längere bzw. sehr häufige ausgesetzte Passagen herrschen vor. Die Sicherung besteht aus Drahtseilen, Ketten, Eisenklammern, Trittstifte und längeren, senkrechten oder überhängenden Leitern. Klammern und Stifte können auch weiter auseinander liegen. Die Schwierigkeiten sind ohne Sicherungselemente bis IV (UIAA-Kletterskala) zu meistern. Trittsicherheit und Schwindelfreiheit, eine sehr gute Kondition, Kraft und Ausdauer in Armen und Beinen, sowie eine Klettersteigausrüstung ist dringend empfohlen.

Services &

We have prepared the best of the best for your guided ski tour. On the tour to the Mont Blanc you will be accompanied by the mountain pro Stefan Gatt and other state certified mountain and ski guides. Guiding for the guided ski tour is based on a ratio of 1:2.5, i.e. one mountain guide for two to a maximum of three clients. We also take care of your accommodations. So that you can fully concentrate on the mountain experience.

Included services

Included services

Mountain and ski guide

Campsite or shared apartment in Chamonix

Accommodation in the huts

Additional services (Exclusive)

Arrival by train

Food & drinks on the mountain & in the valley

Any rental equipment

Travel period


Reisepreis 3600 €

& Catering

No mountain climb without basecamp! Ours will be the beautiful and clean campsite "Mer de Glace" in Chamonix. This is also a part of your Mont Blanc guided ski tour. But don't worry - in case of changeable weather we will use an apartment nearby. In addition, you will spend 2-3 nights in huts. One night in the Cosmique cottage and one or two more nights in the "Refuge du Grands Mulets". These cabins are open for you with full service.



Like any other big mountain, Mont Blanc creates its own weather. Thus, the weather in the Mont Blanc region can be very changeable. Temperatures can drop to -10° / -20 °C at the higher elevations of the mountain and strong winds can occur. It is therefore helpful to test your equipment before setting off on your guided ski tour up Mont Blanc.

& Arrival

Mont Blanc ("White Mountain"), located between France and Italy, is the highest mountain in the Alps and the European Union at 4808 meters.

Interesting spots/trails

The territory of Chamonix is one of the most magnificent and spectacular mountain regions in Europe. This fact alone makes our guided ski tour to Mont Blanc a "Once in a Lifetime" experience. Unique mountain panorama and adventure guaranteed. Nowhere else in the Alps can you find such a high number of needles and peaks combined with extraordinary glacier landscapes. In addition, the rock is a wonderful orange granite that invites you to beautiful climbs of all levels of difficulty. All hikes with or without crampons in this area are characterized by the unique panorama and nature.

Mont Blanc summit
Mont Blanc map of the area

Insider tips

A good Preparation to this unforgettable ski tour on Mont Blanc is essential for you to enjoy the climb. The guided Mont Blanc tour is designed for experienced ski tourers with average fitness. This means that you reach at least one of the following fitness levels:


  • Run 10 km in 55 minutes or less
  • Climb 900 meters of altitude in 120 minutes or less
  • Maintain a speed of 5 km/h at 10° on a treadmill for 120 minutes
  • Perform 2 (or more) watts/kg on a bicycle trainer for 120 minutes.


In preparation for your guided ski tour on Mont Blanc, it is important to do cardio-pulmonary training two to three times a week (for at least 6-8 months), such as 1-2 hours of running or fast hiking (pulse 120-145) to get in shape physically. For the technical difficulties, it is important that you practice skiing in the backcountry in all types of snow.

Packing list

There is no one right way to dress properly, but multiple layers are important. Make sure your clothes fit and that they offer enough freedom of movement for strenuous activities. Ski touring boots in good condition are of great importance. Please take responsibility for good, well-tested equipment so that it protects and supports you during the ascent and does not cause any problems. Another tip: Take several thin layers rather than thick ones!

Clothing for the mountain:

  • Ski touring pants/trekking pants (ideal if you can zip off the legs) that dry quickly
  • Breathable long merino baselayer
  • 2x Zipnecks (adjustable to different temperatures) & 1x Long John
  • A warm fleece sweater or sweatshirt
  • A very light down jacket
  • Wind and rainproof jacket (with hood)
  • 2-3 pairs of warm socks or stockings
  • Waterproof pants when we are exposed to rain/snow or wind
  • Gaiters for deep snow
  • Two wool hats, a pair of gloves and a pair of mittens!
  • Change of clothes, should you sweat heavily.


You can get a detailed list of the equipment you need from from us on request!

Ski touring skis (all-mountain, medium weight, safe skiing) - recommended pin binding

skins and broken-in ski touring boots (for an easy ascent and an easy descent)

(adjustable) ski poles with large plates

Crampons with snow plate

A large backpack (50-70 liters with compression straps on the sides)

Full harness or abdominal belt & chest strap (UIAA standard) with a piece of rope to connect the two straps (150cm - 7mm).

Balllock carabiner (Petzl) and self-belay harness

Light ice axe (length between 50-75cm)

Avalanche shovel and avalanche probe

Helmet - in colors like yellow, red, green for more beautiful photos (black, white and blue are hardly visible)

Sunglasses (for the glacier) and a hat against the sun

Sunscreen (protection factor 30 or more) + lip balm

Headlamp for the night

A sleeping bag linen for the night in the hut


To have an unforgettable time on your guided ski tour in Mont Blanc area and have a good chance to climb the main summit, we need two days for acclimatization and 2-3 days for the ascent to the summit. Depending on the weather and the abilities of the participants, the tour lasts 5-7 days.

Day 1

We will meet between 17:00 and 18:00 on the Camping site "Mer de Glace, as we have found this place ideal on our 15 ski tours so far. The decision of when we will be where on the mountain will be made depending on the current weather and snow conditions. First we will set goals, establish rules for our time together on the glacier, check equipment and then take the shuttle bus into town for a nice Dinner & Beer to enjoy.

Gondola Chamonix Mont Blanc

Day 2

In sunny weather we leave the campsite around 07:30 and take the cable car to Aguille du Midi to an altitude of about 3,750 m. After a technical briefing we will ski on one of the ski routes along the Refuge du Requin and of the Mer de Glace to Montenvers. There we take the train to Chamonix and go up a second time to the Aguille du Midi. This time we go down to the Refuge du Cosmique. To make the acclimatization process as smooth as possible, we will spend the night there.

Mont Blanc Ski Tour Chamonix

Day 3

After spending the night in the Cosmique hut, in the morning we ski up the Montblanc du Tacul and climb our first four-thousand-meter peak. If the conditions are good, we will return to the valley via the Mer de Glace.

Ski tourers on Mont Blanc with sunshine

Day 4

From now on we are ready to reach the summit via the Route of the first climbers (1785!) to reach. For this we spend the night in the Refuge du Grands Mulets at about 3,100 m, which is fully managed. For the ascent to the hut we need about 4 hours from the cable car Aguille du Plan or about 7 hours without cable car from the valley.

Day 5

Summit luck ahead: On the fifth day we have the whole day to climb the 1,700 meters in altitude to the Summit to overcome. On the descent we will encounter all kinds of snow until we reach the hut in the afternoon. There we will review our adventure together and toast accordingly.

Chamonix in Switzerland Mont Blanc

Day 6

On the last day, we will then continue to the Middle station ski down and from there float down to the valley by cable car.

Tips & Info

To have an unforgettable time in Mont Blanc area and have a good chance to climb the main summit, we need about 2-3 days for acclimatization and 2 days for the ascent to the summit. Depending on the weather and the abilities of the participants, the guided ski tour will last 5-7 days.

We recommend for this trip a Travel insurance with cancellation protectionso that you are on the safe side if something should happen before or during the trip.

Just click here to see all the travel insurance information. 

Price 3600 € p. person