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Cat Skiing in Georgia - Powdering in the wild Caucasus Mountains

The powder in the Caucasus is legendary and waiting for you!

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General info

Dates completely individually on request!


Cat Skiing in Georgia gives you a new kind of skiing or snowboarding experience! Special snowmobiles or "Cats" will take you to the peaks and slopes to explore untouched snow fields and slopes. Bakhmaro is a great place for all powder enthusiasts, as it offers a beautiful mountain region with lots of untouched snow and varied slopes.

One of the most popular routes is the descent from the top of the Mount Didi Abuli. This mountain offers breathtaking views of the surrounding forests and mountains, as well as a challenging slope with lots of deep snow. Another great advantage is the remoteness of the region - here there are no crowds or queues as in our domestic ski resorts.

Travel period

Travel period

22.02.2025 - 01.03.2025

01.03.2025 - 08.03.2025




Minimum age


Number of participants

Number of participants

Minimum 5 participants, Maximum 12 participants

Skill levels

As an advanced skier you have already been in contact with powder snow, the "powder virus" has caught you and you want to expand your experience.

As an Expert, you'll draw lines in steep terrain with solid experience in snow and tour planning, and you'll want to explore new terrain as well as exciting descents.

Services &

This 6-day catskiing adventure in Bakhmaro includes all necessary transfers during the trip. The trip starts with an overnight stay at the hotel in Tbilisi or Kutaisi. The next day the real adventure starts with the transfer to Bakhmaro.

During the trip, a total of 6 hut overnight stays in Bakhmaro are on the program. The experienced and IFMGA/GMGA certified guides are available for the participants during the whole trip and ensure a safe and unforgettable experience.

Included services

Included services

6 days catskiing in Bakhmaro

All transfers during the trip

2 nights in hotel in Tbilisi/Kutaisi

6 overnight stays in huts in Bakhmaro

IFMGA/GMGA certified guides during the trip

Full board from day 2 to day 7

Dinner is included on day 1 and breakfast on day 8

Additional services (Exclusive)

Flight to Tbilisi or Kutaisi

Complete travel insurance

Travel period


Reisepreis ab € 2750

Single room supplement € 117

& Catering

Upon arrival in Tbilisi or

Room types

Double room or single room (on request)!

Double rooms

single room


From day 2 to day 7 full board is included, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. On the first day dinner is included and on the last day breakfast is included.


Since this is a trip with a high level of personal responsibility, some things are to be taken along yourself. Especially a helmet, an avalanche transceiver, as well as an airbag backpack are mandatory!


Mandatory! A smart head, should be protected!

Avalanche transceiver

Mandatory! Please make sure that the batteries are new and the device works.

Airbag backpack

Mandatory! Please make sure that the gas cartridge is full and that the backpack has been serviced. You should do this every 2-3 years anyway, preferably at a specialist shop.


Here you should take especially freeride skis.

Touring ski

If you have any, please take them with you. Do not forget to pack the skins.


If you are snowboarding, please do not take your park or pipe board, but a good freeride or big mountain board.

Split snowboard

If you have one, please take it with you. Do not forget to pack the skins.

Telescopic ski poles

Since they are easy to store in the backpack. Especially for snowboarders, they are very advisable when we need to push out somewhere.

& Arrival

Georgia's winter mountain regions entice snow enthusiasts with a variety of activities. The many slopes and powder runs offer challenges for every level, from beginners to experienced professionals.

Interesting spots/trails

Bakhmaro is a small village in the Guria region of western Georgia. It is located in the mountains, surrounded by dense forests and breathtaking landscapes. The village is known for its unique culture and traditions, including its music, dances and local dishes.

In winter, the village becomes a popular winter sports resort with opportunities for skiing and snowboarding.

Travel options

You get on a minibus at the airport and your journey to Bakhmaro begins. The travel time depends on the distance, but it usually takes between 3 and 5 hours. On the way you will be able to enjoy breathtaking scenery and admire the beauty of Georgia.

Flight to Tbilisi or Kutaisi

Insider tips

Relaxation is offered by a visit to the hot springs, perfect after a hard day in the powder.

For culinary experiences, local restaurants and cafes are recommended, where you can try traditional Georgian dishes. Especially recommended are chinkali and khachapuri, which are among the most famous dishes of Georgian cuisine.

Packing list

Besides your ski/snowboard stuff, you should also take the following things for yourself:


Credit and debit card

Toilet bag

Winter clothes

Ski goggles or sunglasses with good UV protection

Ski helmet

Ski or snowboard jacket and pants

Ski or snowboard gloves (waterproof gloves are ideal)

Wool or fleece underwear

Ski socks (several pairs to be able to change during the trip)

Solid shoes

Sunscreen with high UV protection factor


Any medication


Since you are on your cat skiing adventure in high alpine terrain, the weather can be very changeable and unpredictable. Therefore, we adjust the program daily to weather and snow conditions to give you the best and safest experience possible. Nevertheless, here you get an overview of what your adventure will look like:

Day 1

We meet in Tbilisi or Kutaisi at the airport and continue to Bakhmaro. With a minibus we continue to the village Chkhakoura (Distance from Tbilisi 325 km and 5 hours driving time, distance from Kutaisi airport 80 km and 1:30 hours driving time).

From the village of Chkhakoura we continue by snow cat to Bakhmaro (1 hour ride by snowcat) to the cabins.

Day 2 to Day 7

Unsere Tage sind angefüllt mit ununterbrochenem Pulverschnee-Vergnügen, von frühmorgens bis spätabends. Wir absolvieren im Durchschnitt 8-12 Abfahrten, die uns zwischen 3500 und 5000 Höhenmeter bringen, und das nahezu bei jedem Wetter.

Wenn Nebel aufzieht, wählen wir gerne die Waldpassagen, in denen die Sicht im Gelände klar bleibt.

Für die Mittagspause kehren wir nicht zur Basis zurück; stattdessen haben wir unser Mittagessen – Suppe, Sandwiches, Schokolade, Wasser, Tee und mehr – in großen Thermoskannen in der Pistenraupe dabei.

Gewöhnlich erkunden wir täglich neue Skigebiete in Bakhmaro, abhängig von den Wetterbedingungen und dem Schnee. Die Region um Bakhmaro ist noch weitestgehend unberührt, wodurch wir ständig neue, noch unentdeckte Skigebiete erkunden.

Am 7. Tag beenden wir unser Skifahren etwas früher als üblich, gegen 15 Uhr, und werden dann nach Tiflis oder Kutaisi gebracht, wo wir in einem Hotel übernachten.

Day 8

Transfer to the airport. If your flight on day 8 is in the evening or late evening, we will organize a 3-4 hour cultural tour of the Old Town of Tbilisi or Kutaisi.

Tips & Info

In cat skiing we move in the free ski area and at an altitude of up to 3100 meters. Depending on the skill level, slopes of up to 40° can be skied.

We recommend for this trip a Travel insurance with cancellation protectionso that you are on the safe side if something should happen before or during the trip.

Just click here to see all the travel insurance information. 


Preis ab € 2750 p. Person