Your RETTER Sports Team

Classic package tours are a thing of the past. Today is RETTER Sports.

Our philosophy

Freedom is individual. What do we mean by that? Everyone has their own mind. Everyone experiences a wave, a trail or a yoga flow differently. And yet we are all united in the feeling of freedom while standing on the wakeboard, chasing the mountain bike through the forest or sweating during the umpteenth pull-up repetition. “We” because we feel the same way. Therefore: As far as your holiday is concerned, go ahead with your own ideas. We even support you with this. Because for us individuality is the top priority when it comes to surfing, mountain or fitness holidays.


For a vacation with lots of adventure, sports and experience, many things have to be right. We are a team of travel professionals who will take care of you professionally, but still remain relaxed and responsive to you and your needs. We plan, organize and coordinate with you so that you can enjoy your dream vacation without stress. Go for it!


Your advantage with a RETTER Sports trip?

  • Vacation individually or in a group with old or new friends, without any group pressure.
  • Since we are a holistic travel agency, you get your vacation from one source.
  • Far away from mass tourism - we focus on the integration of local structures, you travel "off the beaten track" and with local guides.


The team

You wouldn't be here right now if it weren't for your passion for surfing, mountain biking, skiing or yoga. And we wouldn't be here if we didn't share this passion. RETTER Sports is a team of athletes with a penchant for adventure all over the world. Our travel agency location is in Graz. Nevertheless, we always keep moving.

How do we plan?

We plan, organize and coordinate with you so that you can enjoy your dream vacation without stress. The program we are planning delivers what it promises. Go for it!

On the one hand, we at RETTER Sports already provide you with some travel suggestions, which we have adequately checked for quality and adventure factor and which we can absolutely recommend to you. But this is only one of many possibilities. what is your motivation

We would be happy to advise you and put together your individual dream trip in the areas of WATER, MOUNTAIN and BODY and emphasize the sporty perspective of your trip. This gives you the opportunity to discover completely new sides of yourself and actively adapt your holiday to your needs. Are you traveling with your family or in a group? Excellent! There are also great options especially for children and groups to create a wonderful travel experience. Whether you want to learn to surf, climb Mont Blanc together or sweat it out in a CrossFit unit: Our team is passionate about taking care of your travel needs and booking what makes you happy. Just get in touch with us!

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