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Heli-skiing in Livigno with Stephan Görgl - 4 days of powder

We roll out the white carpet for you - at Heli Ski in Livigno with Stephan Görgl 

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General info

You dream of lonely slopes, dreamlike mountain landscapes and especially of adrenaline-packed freeride over deep snow slopes? Then you've come to the right place. Heli-skiing in Bella Italia in the Livigno ski resort is the start of your deep-snow adventure. You will be accompanied by the ex-World Cup star and absolute pro Stephan Görglwho, together with our guides, will not only provide you with the most beautiful runs during the four days, but also guarantee your safe heli-ski experience on skis or snowboard.

Livigno and its almost unlimited ski adventure possibilities roll out the white carpet for us. From mid-January, perfect conditions prevail at this insider tip of the Italian Alps, which also leaves nothing to be desired in terms of cuisine.

Our guides cover the entire program: well planned Freeride ski tours, spontaneous heliskiing in perfect conditions and Slopes Experience well packed into a three-day experience. The mix of local mountain guides and Stephan's experience promises three varied, intense and above all safe adventure days on skis.

The decision about the flexible and varied daily program is always made the evening before.

Travel period

Travel period

16.01.2025 - 19.01.2025

30.01.2025 - 02.02.2025

13.02.2025 - 16.02.2025

27.02.2025 - 02.03.2025

27.03.2025 - 30.03.2025




Minimum age


Number of participants

Number of participants

Maximum 12 participants, minimum 8 participants

Skill levels

The Swiss Alpine Club has also published its own scale for ski touring, which is a very good guide.

Steileres Felsgelände und ausgesetzte Stellen herrschen vor. Die Sicherung besteht aus Drahtseilen, Ketten, Eisenklammern, Trittstifte und längeren eventuell senkrechten Leitern. Die Schwierigkeiten sind ohne Sicherungselemente bis III (UIAA-Kletterskala) zu meistern. Trittsicherheit und Schwindelfreiheit, eine gute Kondition, etwas Kraft und Ausdauer in Armen und Beinen, sowie eine Klettersteigausrüstung ist empfohlen.

Steiles bis sehr steiles Felsgelände und längere bzw. sehr häufige ausgesetzte Passagen herrschen vor. Die Sicherung besteht aus Drahtseilen, Ketten, Eisenklammern, Trittstifte und längeren, senkrechten oder überhängenden Leitern. Klammern und Stifte können auch weiter auseinander liegen. Die Schwierigkeiten sind ohne Sicherungselemente bis IV (UIAA-Kletterskala) zu meistern. Trittsicherheit und Schwindelfreiheit, eine sehr gute Kondition, Kraft und Ausdauer in Armen und Beinen, sowie eine Klettersteigausrüstung ist dringend empfohlen.

Senkrechtes, oft auch überhängendes Gelände, welches meist sehr ausgesetzt ist, herrschen vor. Die Sicherung besteht aus Drahtseilen, Ketten, Eisenklammern, Trittstifte und längeren, senkrechten oder überhängenden Leitern. Klammern und Stifte können sehr weit auseinander liegen. An ausgesetzten und steilen Stellen kann es oftmals nur noch ein Drahtseil geben. Vom Können her wird genug Kraft in Armen und Händen vorausgesetzt, da längere senkrechte bis überhängende Stellen und kleinere Kletterstellen bis II (UIAA-Kletterskala) möglich sind. Eine Klettersteigausrüstung ist Vorausssetzung! Für Anfänger und Kinder nicht geeignet!

Services &

Your high alpine adventure is already planned for you by us. The only thing you have to take care of is your arrival - but even here we can help you find rides or book trains. Everything else, from accommodation to meals and ski tickets, will be waiting for you when you arrive. So you can concentrate on your heli-ski adventure and enjoy the breathtaking heli flights over the beautiful Livigno ski area.

Included services

Included services

3 nights hotel, breakfast included

3 days guiding and mountain guide

Up to 3 helicopter flights á 700-1000 HM descents

3 days test material (ski), if desired

3-day lift ticket

1 x Abendessen im ausgesuchten Fine-Dine Restaurant

Video analysis

Additional services (Exclusive)

Complete protection insurance

Extra flights bookable

Travel period


Reisepreis € 2480

Einzelzimmerzuschlag € 295

Kleingruppenzuschlag (bis 8 Personen) € 250

& Catering

The 4 star hotel Montivas Lodge is located in a prime location and is therefore perfect for your adventures in the Valtellina Alps. The focus is on sustainability. Climate-friendly construction and resource-saving lifestyle meet fair-trade food instead of mass-produced goods.

Room types

Whether single or double rooms - where mountain sports are the main focus, there is also enough space for your own belongings. Thus, the rooms not only have spacious bathrooms, but also enough space and storage. Another plus: you wake up every day with a magnificent mountain panorama before going heli-skiing and can enjoy exactly this on the balcony while relaxing in the evening.


Double rooms

Single room (optional on request)


In your accommodation you will get a Campions-Breakfast every morning. The rich buffet consists exclusively of seasonal and regional organic products and strengthens you optimally for your high alpine adventures. In addition, a dinner is included for you on the first day, ideal for getting to know the group better.

The guides will go with you one evening to the Restaurant Stua de Legnwhere you can enjoy a 4-course meal followed by a grappa tasting.


Since this is a trip with high personal responsibility, some things are to be taken yourself. Especially a helmet, an avalanche transceiver, as well as an airbag backpack are mandatory!



Avalanche transceiver

Mandatory! Please make sure that the batteries are new and the device works.

Airbag backpack

Mandatory! Please make sure that the gas cartridge is full and that the backpack has been serviced. You should do this every 2-3 years anyway, preferably at a specialist shop.


Here you should take especially freeride skis, optionally also piste skis, because we will certainly go there whizzing. If you do not have suitable skis, please let us know so that we can organize something for you.

Touring ski

If you have any, please take them with you. It can easily be that we go on a tour with or without heli support. Do not forget to pack the skins.


If you are snowboarding, please do not take your park or pipe board, but a good freeride or big mountain board.

Split snowboard

If you have one, please take it with you. It can easily be that we go on a tour with or without heli support. Do not forget to pack the skins.

Telescopic ski poles

Since they are easy to store in the backpack. Especially for snowboarders, they are very advisable when we need to push out somewhere.

& Arrival

A freeride paradise in Lombardy

Interesting spots/trails

Livigno in Italy is a real highlight for all outdoor activities in the heart of the Italian Alps! Heli-skiing allows you to reach the best untracked deep snow slopes, far from the usual freeride routes. The area of Alta Valtellina and around Livigno offers many possibilities to satisfy freeride fans!

Travel options

The own journey takes place by car or by train. The exact journey details and information about trains are available at RETTER Sports.


Train to Zernez, then 45 minutes to Livigno by bus

Insider tips

The Livigno ski area is a dream even without a helicopter! Perfect slopes await you here!

Packing list

Besides your ski/snowboard stuff, you should also take the following things for yourself:

ID card

Any medication

Toilet bag

Street clothes

Solid shoes

Winter jacket


Since you are on your heli-ski adventure in high alpine terrain, the weather can be very changeable and unpredictable. Therefore, we adjust the program daily to the weather and snow conditions to give you the best and safest experience possible. Nevertheless, here you get an overview of what your adventure could look like:

Day 1: Meet & Greet, preliminary discussion of the coming days, dinner together

Day 2: Material control and piste day. Why? So that our mountain guides can accurately assess your skills and thus also allocate the heligroups for the flights. Maybe there is already a flight! In the evening we all go out for dinner together

Day 3: If the conditions allow it, will be flown. Alternatively, you can go on a tour with or without helicopter support.

Day 4: If for some reason no flights have been made to date, the morning will still be taken as a backup.
Afterwards Farewell and a good journey home.

Tips & Info

We move in the heli-ski in the free ski area and at an altitude of up to 3100 meters. Depending on the skill level, per group in the heli (4 people) can already ski descents of up to 1000 m per flight and slopes up to 40 °.

We recommend for this trip a Travel insurance with cancellation protectionso that you are on the safe side if something should happen before or during the trip.

Just click here to see all the travel insurance information. 

Preis € 2480 p. Person