Corona Save TravelWe always bring you home!

In any case, we only conduct trips to countries classified as safe by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but should the case arise during the trip that a travel warning is issued for the country, we bring our clients back home.


We only conduct package tours to countries through which are classified as travelable by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As soon as there is a travel warning for a destination, we cancel the trip in a timely manner, no later than 3 weeks before arrival.

There for you 24/7 in case of emergency!

On our emergency number 0043 3335 40540 you can reach us during your trip 24 hours - 7 days a week! We ask you to use this only outside opening hours, otherwise please contact us: 0043 316 815415

Book travel insurance!

With our partner, the European travel insurance, you are also insured in case of corona illness and you can cancel your trip!

Your deposit is safe with us!

In the event that a trip does not take place and is canceled by us, you have the choice whether you want to have a travel credit, rebooking or the return transfer of the deposit. In addition, all our deposits are secured by a bank guarantee of Raiffeisenlandesbank!

Hygiene concept

Your seat & occupation in the bus

You will receive your assigned seat with your travel documents.

All buses will be filled with only 50% people for the time being, maximum number of participants 25-30 people per trip. (valid until 30.06.2021)

The 3-G rule

A of the following requirements must be met:

Tested: Negative antigen test (not older than 48 hours /PCR test (not older than 72 hours). The test must be renewed again after expiry.

Vaccinated: 1st vaccination must be at least 22 days before departure date and not longer than 3 months ago. 2nd vaccination must be no longer than 6 months ago.

Recovered: Medical confirmation of infection, presentation of a "segregation certificate", proof of neutralizing antibodies.

MNS protection

Wearing a self-brought FFP2 mask during the ride is mandatory.


Please disinfect your hands when boarding the bus. Hand disinfection is available at the front entrance and in the on-board toilet. Handholds are regularly disinfected by the bus driver.

Please note that different country-specific guidelines apply in each country of travel. We will inform you with your travel documents.

Group size - For sightseeing we divide the group into smaller groups if necessary.

Fresh air exchange in the bus

All our coaches ensure regular fresh air exchange and additional safety through highly efficient filters

Distance rules

We ask you to keep the minimum distance of 2m during visits and to wear a mask if necessary.

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