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E-Enduro in Rondane National Park

With the e-mountain bike through the Rondane National Park in Norway: Here e-Enduro - dreams come true. Extraordinary nature experiences, spectacular panoramas and endless single trails included.

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General info

Are you an outdoor person and love to explore new areas with the e-Enduro? Then come with us to e-biking in Norway. Our e-Enduro tour will take us to the Rondane National Park. The route through the southeast of Norway takes us through absolute enduro heaven from Alvdal to Gudbrandsdalen in the west. In between we meet unique mountain culture and unique trails and penetrate into areas where you rarely to hardly meet like-minded people.

The single trails we use from Alvdal to Ringebu are either approaches to mountain pastures or remnants of the former mining era. The trails in the mountains and forests can be found in all difficulties and demands. Ringebu is characterized by flowing and laid out single trails. Many of the trails lead more than 950 meters of altitude downhill. A real treat for all enduro fans.

The steepness of the mountains is ideal for the descents and even in the climbs is not always necessary to carry the bike. The advantage of the region is that they are protected from the wet Atlantic weather by the mountains of Rondane and Jotunheimen in the west.

Travel period

Travel period

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Skill levels

On S1 trails there are smaller obstacles to overcome, such as shallow roots, small stones and rivulets. The gradient is a maximum of 40%. Hairpin turns are not expected. Basic riding skills such as metered braking and body shifting are necessary.

On S2 trails, expect larger roots, rocks, steps, shallow stairs and tight turns. The steepness is up to 70% in places. Advanced riding techniques such as overcoming obstacles by weight shifting are required.

Services &

The e-bike adventure in Norway includes full board accommodation and a rental e-bike. The side program to Karlsvogna Spa is also included. Luggage transport and airport transfers are also included.

Included services

Included services

7x accommodation in lodges and huts

Full board

Modern rental bike, Rocky Mountain e-Fully

Entrance to Karlsvogna Spa

Luggage transport

Airport transfer from/to Oslo Airport

Travel period


Reisepreis 2450 €

& Catering

In the first part of the e-bike trip to Norway we stay at the bike lodge in Alvdal, which is run by Audun and his family. If we are on the road for the first time, remote mountain huts and mountain pastures await us. Everywhere we are culinarily top supplied.

Room types

In the hotel the accommodation is in double rooms. At the mountain huts and alpine pastures shared rooms are also possible. A single room is sometimes possible, please indicate this request when booking.

Double rooms

Shared rooms

Single room partly possible


In all accommodations you will be fully taken care of. The trip includes daily full board.


The price includes a rental bike of the brand Rocky Mountain for you (model Instinct Powerplay). You are welcome to bring your own bike, but please keep in mind that it is currently not allowed to bring batteries on the plane. Please contact us if you are traveling with your own bike.

Otherwise you need the usual equipment for mountain biking. You will receive a detailed packing list from us upon booking.

& Arrival

Alvdal is located on the Rondale National Park in Norway and offers ideal conditions for mountain biking and especially e-biking

Travel options

Oslo Gardermoen Airport is easily reached by direct flight from most European cities. On site you will be picked up by the guide, to the lodge in Alvdal it takes about 3.5 hours by car. Another possibility is to travel by night train from Berlin to Sweden and from Malmö towards Oslo. After another change of trains you will arrive in Alvdal.




Within the 8 days you can expect wonderful e-bike kilometers. With shuttle and eEnduro bike it goes up the mountain to enjoy the varied trails afterwards.

Subject to change depending on the group and weather.

Day 1

Transfer from the airport to the Bike Lodge in Alvdal. Briefing from guide Audun, bike setup and traditional dinner from regional production.

Sleeping cabin in Rondane National Park

Day 2

Shuttle over the mountain road to the mountain Tron. Over 850 meters of depth in one piece provide a perfect start to this enduro week. It goes again by shuttle up the mountain and then on trails a bit downhill to huts - our sleeping places for this night. We enjoy dinner with a magnificent view.

An E-Enduro rider in the national park

Day 3

We wake up with a great panorama on the mountain. Directly in front of the hut starts one of the best trails in the region. What a brilliant start to the day. Another day in the spectacular mountains of Norway begins. The route leads into alpine terrain with numerous and above all (mostly) dry single trails. The day ends with a fun single trail through the birch forests at the lodge.

E-Enduro rider in Rondane National Park in Norway

Day 4

We start with a delicious breakfast at one of the mountain huts. Traditional as well as regional food and of course the famous Norwegian waffles. Today the route goes along the abandoned mine trails. These connect the valleys with the mountain pastures. Especially the trail near the old cable car is a real gusto of the region. The cable car connected the mines with the railroad in Alvdal. The tour ends at the lodge in Kvebergsøya with a delicious 3-course dinner.

E-Enduro trail riding in Rondane National Park

Day 5

From the rustic lodge a shuttle takes us back to the high plateau. The view of the mountains of Rondane National Park is our constant companion today. We spend almost the whole day in the alpine terrain. The last descent takes us back into the valley to the river Folla. On the other side of the valley, slightly elevated, the alpine huts where we spend the night are waiting.

Trail riding in national park in Norway

Day 6

Another day full of trails. But before breakfast we first go 300 m downhill. We bike from alpine pasture to alpine pasture, crossing two breathtaking valleys on a trail along the ridges. We stay another night on the alp.

Snack time in Rondane National Park

Day 7

Directly from the huts we start with a small climb to the first summit with a long and beautiful trail back to the valley. Once again we go back up the mountain under our own power to tackle the last trail of this trip. Afterwards we relax in the hotel spa or at the bar ... a last dinner together and time to review this breathtaking week in our minds.

E-Enduro group in Rondane National Park

Day 8

Transfer to Oslo Airport.

Bikergroupe in Rondane National Park


Preis 2450 € p. Person