Our spring travel tips.
to the blog overview06 February 2022 | Sophia Retter

Our travel tips for spring

Spring: The travel season full of happy hormones!

The days are getting longer and the sun is making an appearance again. Spring is here and with it the spring fever. And that's not just something we say. Due to the sun and the more light, we feel a high that is triggered, among other things, by endorphins - the so-called happiness hormones. In short, spring has hit you hard. It's the perfect time to travel and discover new places.

You should take advantage of this high and go on an active trip! Your head is empty, you don't know where to go? In this article we present you our three best trips for spring. Get inspired and book your time off, because maybe one of the presented trips is perfect for you. If you don't like our tips, just let us know your individual wishes. But you don't have to stay at home! We will be happy to put together your personal action trip for you, just tell us which countries interest you the most, what you absolutely want to experience and how you imagine the hotels. Let's go - off to spring!

Tip 1: A spring on waves at surf camp in Ericeira

Ericeira IS surfing! No other place is as popular and well known among surf freaks as this coast in Portugal, so we highly recommend it to you. Numerous surf spots line Ericeira and you'll have the chance to try many of them as early as spring. 

By the way, at our surf camp you are completely flexible when it comes to organizing your vacation: you can come over with a group of friends or go on an adventure alone. In the spacious Surf House with pool, yoga deck and beach volleyball court you will find the right room for everyone. 

You are still inexperienced when it comes to surfing? No problem! Just then you should try it at least once in your life. Take advantage of this spring for your first surfing course in Ericeira! 

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Tip 2: Spring mountain bike season start in Joglland

When there is still snow on most mountains in Austria, the locals in eastern Styria have already "winterized" their bikes. The family-run bike park "Trail Land" in Miesenbach near Birkfeld also scores with one of the earliest season starts. So spring on the mountain bike is definitely yours here! Isn't that outstanding?

But not only in Trail Land are there trails for you to explore. In the entire area around Hartberg and Weiz, for example, mostly natural single-trail delicacies await you, which our experienced guides will be happy to show you. On the tours, you usually pedal up the hills and mountains yourself (and without e-doping). On one day, however, there's also shuttle support to enjoy even more springtime downhill fun. 

Best of all, your riding technique will also be honed. So you use the spring not only sensibly for feelings of happiness on the trail, but also an improved position on the bike to be better prepared for future mountain bike adventures. Saying "yes" to the outdoors, but "no" to mountain biking? No problem. If you prefer hiking, we'll be happy to show you the best spots in the region. Just contact us for this.

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Tip 3: Italian Dolce Vita at Lake Idro

If your taste buds are craving a really good pizza again, then Italy is THE travel tip for spring. But it's not just the food that will melt in your mouth. Once you arrive, you can also enjoy the beautiful and unique landscape. Also there we are on the road with the mountain bike. But not only! Lake Idro offers, in addition to great mountain bike trails, much more program that we will also use. It is in this way the perfect destination.

Sounds like stress? Not at all, because that's exactly what we want to avoid! The bike week at Lake Idro is especially designed to run completely relaxed. No overly full program, conscious and stress-free riding of the trails and shuttle support for the ultimate mountain bike downhill fun. Shake off the stress for once, please, because you're here to relax. It's going to be awesome!

So if you're into dolce vita, then this lovely travel tip and related activities are just what you're looking for. So: Ci vediamo!

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As you can see, spring will be great and full of travel adventures. What are you waiting for? Pack your luggage and soon you'll be on your way! Contact us today to get on the road to your break from everyday life better yesterday than today.