Learn to surf: 5 fitness tips for your first surf vacation.
to the blog overview06 February 2022 | Sophia Retter

Learn to surf: 5 fitness tips for your first surf vacation

You want to learn to surf and have booked your first surf course? Great! To prepare for your first surf vacation, you can improve your fitness even before the trip. Because surfing is not only one of the most fascinating sports, but also one of the most demanding. That's why it's beneficial to prepare well in advance for your surf trip with RETTER Sports. We'll give you our 5 best fitness tips to learn how to surf and cut a fine figure in the water. You'll gain physical and mental stamina and take your surfing skills to a whole new level.

Surfing is exhausting = fitness is important

When professionals glide along the waves on their boards, it usually looks quite easy for beginners. However, the most important thing in learning to surf is body tension. Already at the Paddling (you'll be paddling a lot!) every muscle in the body is challenged. Therefore, even for surfing beginners, the best tip is to increase fitness! Training also keeps you safe, because it helps protect you from injury. How to improve your fitness? Our tips will tell you: 


Fitness Tip #1: Walk a lot

Swimming is not an absolute substitute for the paddling motion, but it simulates it quite well and is therefore a good alternative for the preparation. So if you want to learn to surf and your first surfing vacation is coming up, it's a good idea to go swimming beforehand. This strengthens your back and arm muscles and is also good for your condition, so that you will soon be a pro on the surfboard and catch every wave!

Fitness Tip #2: Running you should

Running and surfing: We know exactly what you would choose when it comes down to it. Especially as a beginner, you will need a lot of puff for the surf course. That's why our tip is to do some running before your surfing vacation, in addition to swimming. This increases the basic endurance, strengthens the leg muscles and is generally good for the cardiovascular system. This way you can start the surf season safely. Run to surf!

Fitness Tip #3: Good Old Circuit Training

It just keeps getting worse and better: When you think of circuit training, do you think of older men in sweatpants sweating all over gym mats? Okay, let's just call it CrossFit. Sounds more exciting, doesn't it? Different fitness exercises serve different purposes. CrossFit is intense but also highly effective. It strengthens all the muscle groups you need for surfing. A positive side effect is for sure: With CrossFit you will also look like surfers very quickly: very fit. The training will leave traces that can be seen. So the surf vacation can come.

Fitness Tip #4: Stretching & Yoga for Mobility on the Surfboard

The muscles must not only be fit to learn surfing as a beginner, but also agile. Coordination and sense of balance are immensely important in surfing. You support this when your body is flexible and supple. With yoga and a few stretching exercises you can prepare yourself for your surfing vacation. You see: you don't always have to stand on the surfboard, other exercises also fulfill important conditions so that you can start your surfing vacation optimally.

Fitness Tip #5: Meditate!

What? What for? Sounds weird, but it's true! This is how you strengthen your mental abilities to better handle the stress that awaits your body when you experience the one or other - unavoidable - wash while surfing. By meditating, you'll find the mental strength to be perfectly prepared for the surfing gear. Even though summer surfing temperatures can be tropical, you'll learn to keep a cool head.

You have already attended your first surf course and now your next surf vacation is coming up? Top! To prepare yourself for the next surf sessions, you can repeat what you have already learned or mastered at home. Keyword: dry training.

Especially the movement patterns of the take-off can be remembered and practiced without a board: Simply practice the correct (!) movement on a carpet. Take a break in between and then repeat the exercise. This way you strengthen your arms and shoulders and train your balance. This is the perfect start to a new surf season.

Does it all sound very strenuous to you? Don't stress, you don't have to do all the exercises at once. You can choose the ones that suit you best. Prepare yourself as much as you can for your surfing vacation. You will have fun surfing - fitness or not. Remember: Even advanced surfers started small. You too can give everything to improve!

We hope you enjoy preparing for your surf vacation with our fitness tips.

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