Ski and snowboard tour - popularity on the rise
to the blog overview05 September 2022 | Sophia Retter

Ski and snowboard tour - popularity increases

Ski and snowboard tours are gaining more and more popularity! A few years ago it was a rare kind of winter sports. 

Why is this sport becoming more and more popular now? Because it's simply wonderful when you climb a peak, have a really beautiful view of a white winter paradise and then enjoy a fun downhill run. 

What is the goal? Simply explained, the goal is to climb the mountain without the help of lift & gondola, even in winter, and then enjoy a really nice downhill as a reward. In order to have fun and avoid problems, the equipment plays an important role, but also the knowledge of the area in which you are moving. Of course, attention must also be paid to the avalanche report and all the associated risks. 

What basic equipment do you need?

The basic equipment includes touring skis including binding and Skins. Very important are comfortable and well-fitting touring ski boots. Sticks are also important for balance. Common sense also tells us to protect ourselves with helmets, gloves and goggles. Most important of all is a Backpackairback function, in which the probe, shovel and suitable Crampons and first aid kit are located. The Avalanche transceiver must necessarily be worn on the body!

Where and when? 

If you are equipped with the right equipment, you can choose a suitable tour for yourself. You should pay attention to the degree of difficulty, the tour has, how much time it takes and important in the winter, whether there is avalanche danger in this area. Of course, you should also inform yourself about the weather forecast.

The best destinations for skiing and snowboarding are Innsbruck, Sportgastein, Arlberg and Livigno. From February to April there are the perfect conditions for this sport. 

Safe is safe

There are always dangers and risks associated with any sport and, as always, there are tips and measures so that you can prevent them - you just need to know them and be able to apply them.

  • In this sport you should always pay attention to the Avalanche warning level because most avalanche accidents occur at avalanche warning level 3. Course.
  • Furthermore, you must always consider the weather and choose the tour accordingly, as well as adapt the equipment to it.
  • Never overestimate your physical and technical ability. 
  • Never go alone and if you do, always share your route with a trusted person. 
  • No matter how long your tour is, always take enough food with you.

Take these tips and you will have a great ski touring experience.

If you need more information, please contact us and we will be happy to advise you.