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Miesenbach is a small community in eastern Styria, which has the slogan "Nothing but nature & pleasure" on the flags. They are right, because apart from nature, probably the only highlight in the village is Trail Land Miesenbach, a family-run bike park from Gasthof Wiesenhofer. Chef Patrick Wiesenhofer is not only bike park "head" but also chef at the inn and conjures up the most delicious dishes with regional ingredients on the plates. Endless nature for mountain biking and the best cuisine to strengthen afterwards: What more could you want?

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Miesenbach is a small community in eastern Styria, or rather the Joglland. The next bigger place is Birkfeld. The highest point is the Wildwiese with 1256 meters.

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Latitude: 15.756030836650202 Longitude: 47.3638453577829

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The East Styrian mountain and hill country is probably still an insider tip among bikers. The heavily forested area offers numerous opportunities for biking and impresses with gentle climbs and beautiful, natural trails. The highlight is the Trail Land Miesenbach, which offers everything to improve your technical skills in the bike park.
For some time now, there has also been a continuously signposted mountain bike tour of around 200 kilometers in the region: The great Jogl.

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Weather during the travel period

Weather during the travel period

The weather in Miesenbach couldn't be better for mountain bike adventures. Miesenbach near Birkfeld, like all other places in Eastern Styria, is blessed with stable weather. Of course, rain showers and thunderstorms can occur, but mostly you can count on dry weather, especially during the travel period. In summer it is hot, ideal for biking are spring and autumn.



While in many regions there is still snow, it is usually already good to bike in Miesenbach. Trail Land is almost always the first bike park to open its doors in spring.

Culture &
Free time

If you are a mountain biker, Miesenbach is the right place for you. Hiking is also a good pastime - for example to the Wildwiesen hut. Not far away is also the Styrian thermal spa country with numerous wellness options.

Free time

Leisure offer

In Miesenbach itself, it's best to stay on your mountain bike and enjoy nature. If you want to spend a little more time "off-the-bike", you can go to one of the thermal spas in Bad Waltersdorf.



Birkfeld is not far away. In the town you can visit the Felber chocolate factory. Not far away is also Peter Rosegger's birthplace, which shows exciting insights into his life.



In Miesenbach there is only one address when it comes to delicious culinary delights: Gasthof Wiesenhofer offers excellent food further beyond the classic "inn dishes".


Lifestyle & Tips

The local riders of the "Banana Crew" are often on the road in Trail Land Miesenbach and are sure to give you a tip or two.

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Miesenbach near Birkfeld is a contemplative, small village in Styria

Weather during the travel period






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Travel documents

Passport, if not from Austria
Covid documents, if applicable

Customs and rules

Customs and rules

With a "Servus" as a greeting you are always right in Miesenbach. It is customary to tip in restaurants, cabs or other service areas. If you did not grow up in Austria, you may be surprised by the Austrian or Styrian dialect.



Miesenbach near Birkfeld is a very safe place.






The following of the Roman Catholic Church is largest in Styria.



Austria is a democratic republic, which means that the people elect their representatives.