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Wind or kite surfing in Naxos

Beautiful sandy bays in addition to unique shallow water lagoons and perfect surf waves.

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General info

If you want to find an original Greece, Naxos is the right place for you. Quaint taverns, small hotels and guesthouses and countless beautiful sandy bays and unique shallow water lagoons and waves. Kitesurfing in Naxos is simply wonderful.

The area at St. George Beach offers an ideal combination of flatwater lagoon and waves. Naxos Town is just a short walk from the surf spot. The Flisvos Sports Club provides everything you could wish for: a top-notch windsurfing center, comfortable accommodations, and a central location with many restaurants within walking distance. Here, you can not only windsurf but also kite surf at Mikri Vigla.

Travel period

Travel period

01.04.2024 - 31.10.2024



Spring, Autumn, Summer

Family friendly

Family friendly

Skill levels

As a beginner you've never surfed before or maybe you've only had a taster course. Here you will be brought on the board from the beginning.

You can already call yourself advanced if you already have solid basic knowledge.

As an Expert you feel comfortable at all spots and can handle difficult conditions very well.

Services &

Naxos and the Flisvos Sports Center cater to everyone, whether you’re in a group, a family, a couple, or traveling solo. There’s something for everyone, and all will find something to enjoy. Accommodation options range from hotels to studios and apartments. You will be delighted. To give you a clearer overview, here are the names of the available accommodations: Flisvos Seaside Studios and Apartments, Naxia Apartments, and Hotel Naxos Beach.

Included services

Included services

Accommodation: accommodation either in single or double room, studios & apartments for several people.

Flight, Transfers & Ferries

Additional services (Exclusive)

Surf courses



Travel period


Price from € 900

& Catering

All studios, apartments, and hotel rooms are located in close proximity to the surf station.



The accommodations are all located in close proximity to restaurants, and some studios even offer cooking facilities.


Basically you can rent the equipment for surfing at Flisvos Sportcenter. Nevertheless, it would be good if you take your own bathing utensils, sunscreen, etc. with you.

The following equipment is available for rent at Flisvos Sport Center: The latest RRD boards, Neil Pryde rigs, SUP boards, tandem windsurf boards.

RRD Bords
Neil Pryde Rigs
SUP Boards
Tandem windsurf boards

& Arrival

Naxos offers best conditions for bikers and windsurfers. The island has Numerous bike paths and in the Summer blows a Strong wind, which makes windsurfing a special experience.

Interesting spots/trails

Naxos is the largest Cycladic island and yet it is still a small insider tip. Here you can still find the original and cozy Greece. From quaint family taverns, small pensions, hotels, guesthouses and beautiful secluded sandy bays you can find a lot on Naxos and the island invites you to explore. Naxos town is dominated by the Venetian castle district. The landmark at the harbor is the "Portara" - the huge marble gate of a never finished temple. The island is particularly impressive for the diversity of its landscape: fertile plains, imposing mountain massifs, silvery shimmering olive groves and fragrant lemon gardens, miles of white beaches and secret rocky coves.

Naxos City

Right next to Naxos town, in a wide bay, there is a long sandy beach. The best place to surf is at the end of the bay.

Wingfoils surfers at surf camp in Naxos
Mikri Vigla

Mikri Vigla is located between Paros and Naxos and offers very reliable strong winds in high summer.

Children windsurfing in Naxos

Travel options

Arrival is by plane, ferry (both bookable at RETTER Sports) or on your own.

Air travel possible via Mykonos, Athens and Santorini, then continue by ferry to Naxos.



Optional: Self-direction


Surf sessions, sightseeing and much more awaits you on Naxos.

Surf Sessions

Your safety is the top priority. Flisvos Sportcenter offers windsurfing and wingfoil courses for all skill levels. During these courses you will be supervised by the professional and VDWS licensed coaches.

Maximum safety combined with the best service, guarantee lifeboats as well as daily precinct supervision from 10:00 to 19:00.

Wingfoilsurfer in action at surf camp

Recommendations for places of interest

    • Halki
    • Filoti
    • Apiranthos
    • The Kouros


Old town in Naxos

Tips & Info

Valuable tips for your trip to Naxos can be found here.

Best time to travel

The best and windiest time to travel are the summer months.

Surfer in Naxos
Water temperatures

The average annual water temperature on Naxos is about 19 °C. The seasons differ a little: in spring about 19 °C, in summer 24 °C and in autumn 21 °C.

Wingsurfer in Naxos on the waterfront
Local Tip

In Naxos town there are plenty of restaurants and bars/clubs, pharmacies, supermarket etc.

Naxos Island in Greece

Price from 900 € p. person