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Surfing Mauritius

Surfing in Mauritius - on a beautiful white sand beach in front of one of the best kite spots in Mauritius.

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General info

Bel Ombre is a picturesque village on the southwest coast of Mauritius. It is close to Le Morne, a well-known kitesurfing and windsurfing spot on the island. However, Bel Ombre offers its own spectacular beaches, perfect for sunbathing and water sports. Bel Ombre beaches are often less crowded than the more popular beaches on the island, making it a great place to get away from the crowds and really enjoy surfing.

Travel period

Travel period

01.05.2023 - 30.11.2023



Summer, Winter

Minimum age


Skill levels

As a beginner you've never surfed before or maybe you've only had a taster course. Here you will be brought on the board from the beginning.

You can already call yourself advanced if you already have solid basic knowledge.

As an Expert you feel comfortable at all spots and can handle difficult conditions very well.

Services &

Bel Ombre is the perfect place for beginners, advanced surfers, freestylers and wave lovers. Families will also love this spot, because the kitestation Kiteglobing is connected to the C Beach Club, which offers a range of amenities including modern changing rooms with showers, sun loungers, a pool, restaurant, bar and a wide range of water sports activities.

Included services

Included services




Additional services (Exclusive)

Kite course

Windsurfing course


Material rental

Travel period


Reisepreis ab 2300 €

& Catering

This stylish hotel, inspired by 19th-century architecture, is set in a tropical garden on the south coast of Mauritius. Guests can enjoy a 600-square-meter pool, a spa, and an 18-hole golf course.


Within the resort, guests can choose from four different restaurants: the Annabella, Le Palmier, La Plage, and the beachfront restaurant Gin'ja.


KiteGlobing provides guests with the latest watersports equipment while offering top-notch service. For advanced kiters seeking adventure and adrenaline, they also offer downwinder tours from Bel Ombre to Le Morne.

& Arrival

Kitesurfing and surfing in the wind and wave paradise, Mauritius.

Interesting spots/trails

One of the main advantages of Bel Ombre is its location. The spot is located in a natural bay that provides some protection from the wind and waves, making it a good spot for surfing even in stronger winds.The entire area is surrounded by a reef. Bel Ombre is divided into a wave area and a large shallow standing area, which is great for beginners and measures approximately 700m x 300m. E

Lagoon - Le Morne

The entire lagoon is bordered by a reef located about 600 meters from the beach. This is relatively blunt and about a meter underwater, so you can ride the 1-2 m high waves. Depending on the tide, it can also be the case that the water is too shallow, and you can only ride the reef after about 2 hours.

Accommodation on the beach of Mauritius
Manawa and One Eye

Outside the lagoon, there are two wave areas: "Manawa" and the "One-Eye", which is exclusively for professionals.

Surfing in Mauritius - Riu Le Morne, waves and views of the lagoon

Travel options

You can book the flights through us at RETTER Sports. Rebecca will be happy to advise you!

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Packing list

Besides your bathing suit, you should take the following things for yourself:

ID card

Toilet bag

Any medication

nicer clothes for going out

Light sturdy shoes

Tips & Info

We recommend for this trip a Travel insurance with cancellation protectionso that you are on the safe side if something should happen before or during the trip.

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Price from 2300 € p. person