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Wind and Kitesurfing in Soma Bay

Ideal for Kitesurfing Beginners - Surfing in Egypt at the Red Sea

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General info

If you had to define the perfect wind and kitesurf spot, it would be Soma Bay a great example. Because on the one hand, the peninsula and its bay offer fantastic shallow water conditions with crystal clear water and on the other hand, the early wind provides optimal kitesurfing conditions all year round. This also makes Soma Bay perfect for kitesurfing beginners, who can really let off steam in the spacious bay. The cherry on top is the beautiful panorama that the Red Sea offers - so the surf spot in Egypt is clearly THE place to be for windsurfers and kitesurfers and those who want to be.

Travel period

Travel period

01.01.2023 - 31.12.2024



Spring, Autumn, Summer, Winter

Skill levels

As a beginner you've never surfed before or maybe you've only had a taster course. Here you will be brought on the board from the beginning.

You can already call yourself advanced if you already have solid basic knowledge.

As an Expert you feel comfortable at all spots and can handle difficult conditions very well.

Services &

The only thing you have to worry about is the color of your swimwear. Everything else have we at RETTER Sports already organized for you. Flight, transfer, a TOP accommodation with best location for windsurfing and kitesurfing in Soma Bay and also the catering is prepared for you.

Included services

Included services




Half board

Additional services (Exclusive)

Wingsurf course: private beginner to advanced course: € 99 (1h) - € 249,00 (3h)

Wingsurfing equipment rental: 1 week € 427

Kitesurfing course: beginner to advanced course:€ 320 (6-8h) - € 709 (12-16h)

Kitesurfing equipment rental: 1 week € 319

Travel period


Reisepreis ab 570 €

& Catering

In the 4-star hotel "The Breakers Diving & Surfing Lodge" you feel like at home. Because in Egypt's first water sports lifestyle hotel all wishes of wind- and kitesurfers are fulfilled. Without constraints, combined with modern hospitality and adapted to the modern zeitgeist, The Breakers has created a unique hotel concept for kiters, divers and adult backpackers on the Red Sea. In addition to the SPA area, the hotel offers evening entertainment with live bands, so you can end the kitesurfing day properly.


And if you do sports, you also need to fortify yourself. That's why you can book half board as catering. This means that you will be provided with breakfast, dinner and free drinking water throughout the day.

At check-in, guests will receive metal bottles that they can use at the bars, in the restaurant and in the 7 Bft KiteHouse can fill up with still or sparkling water free of charge.


No equipment of your own? No problem! At the surf station "Bft Kitehouse" you can rent everything. Starting with surf suit, shoes, helmet, life jacket up to the complete equipment for kiters: kite/bar/board or of course for windsurfers a JP board/sail/trapeze.

However, the following should be noted: A license (VDWS level 4, IKO level 3 or comparable) is required for rental. If you don't have a license, a "Level Check-Up" can be done on site. This costs 60 € and includes a one-hour supervision and assessment by the instructor, rental equipment and the VDWS or optional IKO license.

By the way, the rental equipment is not insured outside the courses, so we recommend everyone to take out insurance. This can be concluded on site.

The equipment becomes cheaper the more consecutive days it is used. It is also possible to rent the equipment for half a day (4 hours). The use of the compressed air filling equipment is of course included.

For kitesurfing beginners the material is of course included in the beginner courses.

& Arrival

Kitesurfing in Soma Bay

Interesting spots/trails

Wind- and kitesurfing in Soma Bay means pure surfing pleasure! The bay offers three surf spots, ideal for wind and kitesurfing beginners, but also for advanced surfers. The subtropical desert climate with its hot summers and warm winter months ensures that you can kitesurf even in winter. And this is also the best time for it - there is enough wind and the temperatures remind of our spring.

At the northern end of the bay, the wind always comes offshore, so the water there is particularly slippery. But thanks to the standing area and numerous "rescue boats" you are always safe on the water. However, if this is beyond anyone's skill level, on the western shore of the bay you will find in Abu Soma a large standing area and wind from side to sideoff.

Travel options

RETTER Sports will gladly take care of your arrival by plane. The arrival airport is Hurghada, an airport transfer can be organized by us.


Bus transfer

Optional: Self-direction

Packing list

Besides your bathing suit, you should take the following things for yourself:

ID card

Toilet bag

Any medication

Nicer airy clothes for going out

Warmer clothes for the evening, as it can get very chilly in the desert at night

Light sturdy shoes


Surfing is not the only thing on the agenda here. In Soma Bay you can experience many other adventures besides the surf sessions.


For all who are at this great surf spot for the first time and want to learn kitesurfing: After registration, you will of course first get a briefing. After that, groups are formed - which you can of course change at any time, if it does not fit optimally.

Since everyone's safety is paramount, the spot is divided into a training area and a free flight area. Kitesurfing beginners can dare their first attempts here undisturbed and professionals can let their energy run free.
Safety is ensured by the staff of the 7-Bft Kitehouse, who constantly participate in training and refresher courses, as well as the "Rescue Boats", who are of course immediately on hand in the event of a problem.

All kite courses are VDWS certified and can be conducted in German, English, Italian or Arabic.

Windsurfers in action on the sea of Abu Soma

Possible sports at this destination

Not only kitesurfing is possible in Soma Bay...

... Also windsurfing, wingfoiling, wakesurfing, diving or even snorkeling will delight the heart of every water lover.

But even outside the water you get your money's worth - beach volleyball, yoga, fitness, horseback riding or even golfing round off an ideal surfing vacation in Egypt.

Woman snorkeling with dolphins in Soma Bay

Other possible excursions that can be booked additionally:

  • Sunset Tour
  • Horse riding on the beach
  • Star tour in the desert
  • One or more day excursions to Cairo or Luxor
  • Dolphin tour
Two people walking on long jetty on the sea. Palm tree in foreground

Tips & Info

The culture in Egypt is in some respects still very different from the European culture. Therefore, we give you some tips for your windsurfing and kitesurfing vacation in Egypt.

Travel time

The best time for wind and kite surfers is from March to November.

Sea with beach and kitesurfers
FFK Baden not recommended

Nudist bathing can result in a large fine or even imprisonment.

No alcohol in public

It is forbidden for anyone to drink alcohol in public. This also leads to high prison sentences.

Do not blow your nose while eating

It is not appreciated to blow your nose while eating.


Price from 570 € p. person