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Surf Resort Maldives South Atoll

You want to combine pure luxury with surfing in the most beautiful water in the world? The Surf Resort Maldives South Atoll, here you go!

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General info

Located on a beautiful private island in Huvadhoo Atoll, with pristine beaches and lush tropical greenery, offers Ayada Maldives a truly luxurious retreat in true Maldivian style. A wide selection of restaurants, large villas with private infinity pools and our multi-award winning AySpa make Ayada Maldives an outstanding choice.

Travel period

Travel period

01.08.2023 - 31.08.2025



Spring, Summer, Winter

Family friendly

Family friendly

Family apartments and the most beautiful snorkeling water

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You can already call yourself advanced if you already have solid basic knowledge.

As an Expert you feel comfortable at all spots and can handle difficult conditions very well.

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The Surf Resort Maldives in the South Atoll (Huvadhoo Atoll) is a paradise. Not only the hotel and the private island, but also to surf is the focus here

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Included services




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Reisepreis ab 2100 €

Surfguiding/day € 130

& Catering

Room types

  • Nestled in lush tropical greenery are our Garden Villas the perfect retreat for those who want to relax in a stunning private setting. The Garden Villas feature a spacious bathroom with a large bathtub and an outdoor shower, as well as a garden veranda. The Garden Villas are just steps away from all the resort facilities.
  • The Beach Villas are located directly on the idyllic white sandy beaches. These 103 m² beach villas offer a beautiful private garden with a spacious plunge pool, a large veranda and a bathroom with bathtub and outdoor shower in the backyard.
  • The Ocean Villas over the water are located directly above the lagoon and offer you the opportunity to relax in the hammocks and enjoy the gentle lapping of the waves. These spacious villas feature a private terrace, hammocks, a plunge pool, unobstructed views of the horizon and direct access to the lagoon.
  • Beach Family Suites are beach suites connected to a beach villa. This gives the family both privacy and direct access to each other when needed. To ensure total privacy, tropical vegetation screens the private pool with sun terrace, lounge chairs, umbrella and outdoor dining table. Indoors, king-size four-poster beds, a spacious bathroom with dual sinks, indoor and outdoor showers, and a huge terrazzo bathtub make this kind of beach living a real pleasure.

single room

Double rooms

Family Suites


We have 8 restaurants at Ayada Maldives, each offering different cuisine and unique dining experiences, including teppanyaki, Mediterranean fine dining and Asian flavors. In each restaurant, we use fresh organic ingredients from our garden and local farms, making our food authentic and luxuriously delicious. Ile de Joie, our wine cellar over the water, offers a unique wine and cheese experience. Our chefs are prepared to accommodate any dietary requirements.


& Arrival

The breaks at Huvadhoo Atoll work with a wider range of swell and wind conditions and are not yet so crowded. An insider tip!

Interesting spots/trails

The Huvadhoo Atoll in the Maldives is best known for Beacons, Castaways and Tiger Stripes. Beacons and Tiger Stripes are considered two of the strongest waves in the Maldives, which quickly hit a lined and shallow reef - a typical feature of the surf spots in the south.


Tiger Stripes

Tiger Stripes, sometimes referred to as Rockets, is an open lefthander that isn't as hollow as some of the other waves nearby, but it makes up for that with long and consistent carving walls that are suitable for a variety of surfers and fun in a variety of conditions.


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Love Charms

Love Charms is one of the few waves in Huvadhoo that completely transforms depending on the tide and the size of the swell. At lower tide and smaller swell, Love Charms breaks into two different sections - this is probably the best case. With larger swells and higher tides, the waves combine to form a long, hollow wall that can provide an incredibly long and hollow ride.


Waves in the sea in Maldives
Two Ways

Booga Reef, called Two Ways because it breaks left and right, is located on the other side of the pass from Five Islands. Similar to Sultans and Honky's in North Male Atoll, Two Ways (as the name suggests) offers two incredible waves breaking in two different directions from the same southern point of the island. Two Ways is a set-up that surfers have dreamed of for years, but never thought possible.

Five Islands

Similar to Blue Bowls, Five Islands is a long right that is well protected from south to southwest winds. Five Islands is more "freight train" than Blue Bowls. The wave breaks in a number of different sections and needs a good southerly wind to combine all the sections, but when it does, it creates one of the longest and cleanest barrel rides in the southern atolls.


Blue Bowls

Blue Bowls, also known as Voodoos, is a very good right-hand wave that is unusually well protected from onshore winds due to its location in the pass between Castaways and Five Islands. This sheltered peak is more of a point-style wave, gently winding around the point before opening into a series of bowls (hence the name). The sections keep transitioning into wide and open faces, resulting in a nice long ride that is suitable for shortboard shredders, but also smooth enough for funboards and longboards.


Beacons is an exposed reef break, a right-hand wave that is both violent and inconsistent. It consistently offers waves, but is only surfable on a clean southwest swell. Swells from all other directions almost always result in straight closeouts on an unfriendly and unforgiving coral reef.


Surfers surfing in the Maldives

Travel options

The Ayada Maldives is also accessible via RUL, which requires a 70-minute domestic flight and a short 15-25-minute speedboat ride.



Packing list

In addition to your bathing suit, you should take the following things for yourself:

ID card

Toilet bag

Any medication

airy clothes

Tips & Info

We recommend for this trip a Travel insurance with cancellation protectionso that you are on the safe side if something should happen before or during the trip.

Just click here to see all the travel insurance information. 

Price from 2100 € p. person