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Sardinia hiking - trekking between wild mountains and sea

Discover the unique island like a local while hiking Sardinia. Experience with us a week full of nature, culture and of course - good food.

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General info

Come with us on our Sardinia hiking trip and discover the wild beauty of the Italian island. Together we will explore the wild mountains, deep green forests and pristine coasts and immerse ourselves in the life of the locals.

8 days are waiting for you in the wildest area of central Sardinia, the Supramonte, the Gulf of Orosei and the Gennargentu area. So pack your backpack - Sardinia is waiting!

Travel period

Travel period

Dates in work



Spring, Autumn

Number of participants

Number of participants

Maximum 20 participants

Skill levels

Der Weg besteht aus einer durchgehenden Trasse und ist gut markiert. Das Gelände ist teilweise steil und eine Absturzgefahr nicht ausgeschlossen. Etwas Trittsicherheit ist vonnöten, auch sind Trekkingschuhe empfehlenswert. Ein elementares Orientierungsvermögen wird vorausgesetzt.

Services &

When hiking Sardinia we serve you a program packed with experiences that we have already organized for you. Through local guides you will experience Sardinia up close. Let the most beautiful Hiking routes and new impressions and enjoy the Culture and culinary specialties.

Included services

Included services

Flight from/to Vienna

Local guide who will accompany you through your adventure

Local hiking guide

All transfers & luggage transfer

All nights

Every morning a rich breakfast

2x lunch

2x dinner

Additional services (Exclusive)

Individual meals

Individual excursions

Lunch on day 7 at shepherds (30 €)

Travel period


Reisepreis € 1630

& Catering

We have put together for you the most beautiful trekking routes while hiking Sardinia - therefore we will also stay in different accommodations on our Sardinia hiking trip. From 4 star hotels, to local guesthouses and mountain huts. Each accommodation is an adventure in itself and will make your trip special.

Room types

Please let us know if you want to stay in a double room or in a single room. We will also stay 2 nights in a mountain hut - there are NO single rooms here.

Double or single room in the hotels

Double or quadruple room in the mountain lodge (2 nights)


What should not be missing when hiking in Sardinia? Clearly the Italian specialties. On our hiking tour Sardinia you strengthen yourself every day with a rich breakfast. In addition, 2 picnics at great places and 2 dinners are included in the tour price.


For the Sardinia hiking no special equipment is needed. However, you should definitely take good and ideally also preserved hiking shoes. The daily stages we will manage with a small daypack, the rest of the luggage will be carried by a van.

& Arrival

Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean, offers outdoor enthusiasts a wealth of activities. With spectacular beaches, crystal clear waters, mountain landscapes and hiking trails, it is a paradise for surfing, SUPing, hiking, climbing.

Interesting spots/trails

Sardinia is a breathtaking hiking and adventure destination. The diverse landscape offers spectacular mountain peaks, pristine coastlines, deep gorges and green forests. Sardinian culture and hospitality enrich the experience. Discover hidden trails, climb majestic peaks, explore picturesque bays and immerse yourself in the wild beauty of this enchanting island.

Gulf of Orosei

The Gulf of Orosei is a picturesque coastal area in Sardinia with turquoise waters, rocky cliffs and hidden beaches. A paradise for boat trips, hiking and unforgettable nature experiences.

Supramonte Mountains

The Supramonte Mountains are a fascinating mountain region in Sardinia. It offers rugged gorges, high peaks and untouched nature. It extends in the eastern part of the island, in the province of Nuoro.

Travel options

We will travel together by plane from/to Vienna

Plane from/to Vienna

Packing list

This should not be missing in your backpack when hiking Sardinia:

ID card

Any medication

Toilet bag


Hiking boots

Functional clothing


Warm clothes



Rain jacket

Drinking bottle

Casual clothing


During the Sardinia Hiking you will be accompanied by experienced local guides who will allow you to hike off the beaten path. Together we will experience a week full of beautiful hikes, secluded bays with crystal clear waters and the unique Sardinian culture. Please note that the planned program may change slightly depending on the weather.

Day 1

Flight from Vienna to Sardinia. Arrival at the hotel in Santa Maria Navarrese - afterwards you will meet your guide for the week.

Day 2

After a hearty breakfast, we set off together for the coastal village of "Pedra Longa". This place owes its name to an impressive limestone rock that rises between the mountains and the crystal clear sea. From here our hiking trip begins! We hike a few kilometers along the coast and then make our way up to "Cengia Giradili", from where we can enjoy a breathtaking vertical view of the mountains.

The path will lead us along a mule track that will reveal the beauty of the sea and the valley below. Our next stop is at "Us Piggius", where we will visit the first sheepfold of this trip. The landscape will appeal to all your senses: The 730 meters high "Punta Giradili", the wonderful sea and in the distance to the south the peak of "Pedra Longa", where our journey began.

For the way back we will take a gravel road of about 4 km that will lead us back to the mountain hut on the plateau "il Golgo". There we will have dinner and rest to recharge our batteries for the coming day.

Hike: length 12 km. - Time: 6h - Altitude difference: + 600 m

Day 3

After a typical Sardinian breakfast we start from our hut on the plateau "il Golgo". Our path leads us to "Punta Salinas" and we pass the old sheepfold "Su Runcu 'e Su Pressu". This place offers one of the most beautiful views of the entire Gulf of Orosei. Here we take a short break to enjoy the impressive landscape.

Then we go down a scree slope in the gorge "Bacu Canale" that leads us to the gorge "Bacu Goloritzè". Once there, we reach the beach of Goloritzè, considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the entire Gulf of Orosei and even a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Near the hotel "il Rifugio" there is a small path that leads us on an exciting adventure to discover a rock mask called "faccia litica". This was carved by the weather in the walls of a deep gorge. We will also visit the nuraghe "Nuraggi Albu" and the 270 meters deep abyss "Su Sterru", considered the deepest abyss of its kind in Europe.

Hike: Length: 12 km - Time: 6h- Height difference: - 400 m /+ 600 m

Day 4

Our hike starts at "Bruncu Spina" and without much effort we reach the top of Bruncu Spina (1828 m), from where we can admire a breathtaking landscape. From here we walk along the southeastern ridge until we reach the pass "Arcu Gennargentu" (1659 m). We continue our way towards "Genna Orisa" (1782 m) and after a short walk we can already see the top of Punta La Marmora (1620 m), the roof of Sardinia!

After a well-deserved lunch break at the highest point of Sardinia, we hike back to the pass "Arcu Gennargentu" and along a small path we reach the refuge La Marmora (1620 m). It is named after Alberto della Marmora, a general, cartographer and naturalist who created the first modern cartographic map of Sardinia.

From the refuge we will finally make our way back to our hotel near Fonni, where we will end the day in comfort.

Hike: length 12 km. - Time: 6h - Altitude difference: - 600 m /+ 600 m

Day 5

After breakfast we will drive from Fonni to Oliena.

From "Tuones" we start our hike to the highest peak of Supramonte, Punta Corrasi (1463 m). The Corrasi Mountains, also known as the Sardinian Dolomites, fascinate with their oak woods, ancient yews and breathtaking views of the vast Supramonte area. Here we find a botanical paradise with about 650 species, one third of the Sardinian flora.

Our path leads through an oak forest with centuries-old trees. From time to time we catch a glimpse of the wide valley of the "Osposidda" and the mountains around Nuoro. Then we climb up to the "Iscala 'e Marras", where the landscape changes abruptly. Here we find some bizarrely shaped yews, old junipers and scattered oaks and maples on the barren ground. This part offers one of the most beautiful sceneries of the Supramonte: to the east we see the valley of Lanaitho with its rocky walls that hide the sea. Towards the south we can see the rocky ridge "Su Campu Donianigoro" that surrounds the Gorropu gorge and the mountains of Orgosolo.

Continuing north, we finally reach the summit of Punta Corrasi, from where we can enjoy a breathtaking 360-degree view. After a well-deserved break, we make our way back towards "S'Iscala 'e Pradu", from where we can see the high peaks of the Corrasi mountain range, such as Punta Carabidda, Ortu Camminu, Punta Sos Nidos and Punta Cusidore with its characteristic sharp shape. Finally, we return to our car and drive to our new hotel in Cala Gonone.

Hike: length 12 km. - Time: 6h -Altitude difference: - 500 m /+ 500 m

Day 6

After a few days in the mountains, we return to the sea on our hike to Cala Luna to visit the most beautiful beaches of Supramonte. Our starting point is "Buchiarta" where we visit a typical Sardinian shepherd's hut. We follow a long gorge, passing by the sheepfolds, until we finally reach the wide gorge "Codula di Luna". Along the dry, pebbly riverbed we reach the beach where we enjoy our picnic, swim in the crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Orosei and relax in the shade of the famous beach caves. After lunch we return to the car and cross another gorge called "S'Iscala 'e S'Arga". Of course, what can't be missing on our excursion? Gelati! In Cala Gonone we will eat the best ice cream of the area!

Hike: length 7,5 km - time: 4 h - altitude difference: - 350 m /+ 350 m

Day 7

Today we invite you to a fascinating journey of discovery through the traditions of Dorgali.

After an adventurous ride by off-road vehicle, we reach the majestic natural stone arch known as "S'arcu 'e Suttaterra". We will then visit the shepherd's hut of Tattanu, a shepherd and goat breeder from Dorgali. While he tells us about his life in these mountains and the agropastoral tradition, we are allowed to taste some of his directly produced products. We will also enjoy a good glass of Cannonau wine and a lunch with typical local specialties.

Day 8

Today, on the last day of our trip, we will of course enjoy the beach once again before we are transferred to the airport and begin our journey home.

Tips & Info

Get ready for hospitality, wild nature, delicious food and wonderful acquaintances! Rounded off with beautiful hiking routes, the trip will be an absolute Highlight you won't soon forget! So let's go hiking in Sardinia!

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