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Kitesurfing in Hamata

Kitesurfing in Hamata in Kite Paradise Egypt

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General info

Welcome to our Kite Paradise Hamatawhere the spot will make your kitesurfing dreams come true, no matter what level you are at! This unique spot offers the best of both worlds and is equally perfect for Beginner, Advanced and true Kite experts.

Feel the exciting energy when you enter the huge standing area with waist-deep water. Here you can practice with ease, improve your skills or just relax on your board and enjoy the surroundings.

And as for the wind, you have no worries. Our spot is known for its constant, perfect side-shore windthat guarantees you an effortless and exciting kiteboarding experience.

Whether you are looking for new challenges, perfecting your tricks or just want to spend some relaxing time on the water, our kite spot has everything you need to get the most out of your kitesurfing adventure.

Travel period

Travel period

01.09.2023 - 30.06.2024



Spring, Autumn, Winter

Family friendly

Family friendly

Skill levels

As a beginner you've never surfed before or maybe you've only had a taster course. Here you will be brought on the board from the beginning.

You can already call yourself advanced if you already have solid basic knowledge.

As an Expert you feel comfortable at all spots and can handle difficult conditions very well.

Services &

The basic offer includes the flight and the desired accommodation.

Everything else can be booked with pleasure. Just let us inform you!

Included services

Included services



Additional services (Exclusive)

Airport transfer

Kite courses

Rental material

Desert Safaris



Dolphin Safaris

Travel period


Reisepreis ab € 850

& Catering

Welcome to this wonderful hotel, which is a true paradise for kiters! This is newly opened since 2022 and is located no 2 minutes from the kite spot removed.

The bungalows offer first-class facilities to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Each bungalow has a modern shower and a private toilet to provide you with comfort and privacy. On warm days, the air conditioning ensures a pleasant room temperature while you relax in the cozy ambience.

Enjoy entertainment and relaxation with a flat-screen TV, which is available in every bungalow. A hairdryer is also available so you can freshen up effortlessly. And for your convenience, there's also a refrigerator to keep your drinks and snacks cool.

In our recently opened reception you can enjoy our Lobby bar relax and enjoy refreshing drinks. In addition, you can enjoy entertaining leisure activities such as Air field hockey, Table tennis, billiards and Table soccer at your disposal. There is something for everyone here to make the time between kite sessions or exploration tours full of joy.

Room types

A total of 50 bungalows await you here, which can be used as single room, Double rooms, or if necessary also as a cozy 3-bed room can be used.

For Families the hotel offers 6 specially designed rooms with a convenient pass-through door that allows you to expand the space for your loved ones while still maintaining the necessary privacy. A perfect retreat for shared adventures and memories.

The bungalows are the ideal place to enjoy the beauty of nature and experience modern comfort at the same time. Experience a unique combination of relaxation and outdoor adventure and be enchanted by the beauty of our resort and its surroundings. We look forward to welcoming you to our well-equipped bungalows and providing you with an unforgettable time.

The crowning glory of this perfect retreat is the private terraceFrom there you can enjoy a magical view of our picturesque kite lagoon in the morning. Take this opportunity to check out the prevailing wind conditions and prepare for an exciting kiteboarding adventure.

single room

Double rooms

3-bed room

Family rooms


Enjoy a culinary experience with a breathtaking sea view in our brand new Restaurant. Here we offer a delicious Breakfast and Dinner that will pamper you with variety. The relaxed atmosphere and the picturesque view make every meal an unforgettable pleasure.


To use the maximum watertime, we recommend, Main screen sizes From 9 and 12 m². All of course in our kite station available!

& Arrival

Hamata is a picturesque coastal village in Egypt, located on the Red Sea coast in the southern part of the country.

Interesting spots/trails

The Kite lagoon in the middle of a spectacular nature reserve is a true oasis of beauty and kitesurfer's dream! With a size of about 2 by 3 kilometers, our lagoon offers the ideal playground for kitesurfers of all levels.

Our lagoon offers its own Training Zone, which is perfect for beginners to safely learn the first steps in kitesurfing.

For experienced kiters, the lagoon offers the possibility of riding over the outer reef even at high tide and in deep water small swell waves to enjoy.

Travel options

From Vienna, Salzburg and Munich flights go several times a week to Marsa Alam and/or Hurghada.

We recommend, depending on availability, a flight to Marsa Alam, as the transfer from the airport to Hamata is not quite 2 hours.

Of course you can get more detailed information from us at RETTER Sports!


Transfer from Marsa Alam (about 2 hours)

Transfer from Hurghada (about 4,5 hours/route)

Insider tips

Those who want to be enchanted by the natural scenery is the gorgeous Mangrove forest upwind from our lagoon a real jewel. But be warned, kiting in the mangrove forest is strictly prohibited, as it is a valuable nature reserve that must be preserved.

Packing list

For a kiteboarding vacation in Hamata, there are a few things you should definitely put on your packing list. Here are some of our recommendations:


Sunscreen with high sun protection factor

Sun hat or cap

Lightweight, breathable clothing for hot days

Long sleeve shirt and light pants for protection from sun and wind

Possibly a light raincoat or windbreaker

Comfortable shoes or flip flops for outside the water

Passport and visa (please inform us in advance about the entry requirements)

Insurance documents (health insurance, travel insurance, etc.)

Cash or credit card (ATMs may not be available everywhere)

Any required medication in sufficient quantity

Painkillers, plasters, disinfectants, bandages

Beach towel

Drinking bottle


The morning breeze starts offshore from the left and makes for an exciting challenge as it can still be a bit gusty. But against 10 o'clock the wind shifts to sideshore and becomes constantly stronger, creating perfect conditions for challenging kite sessions.

The best time to go out on the water is therefore from approx. 10 am till 5 pm. During these hours you will experience the wind in its full power and can look forward to spectacular kite moments.

Our average wind is 16 - 25 knots a day, which is already a guarantee for exciting kitesurfing. But be prepared that there can also be days with 30 knots and more, which will drive the adrenaline level up.

In one week with us everything is possible, from light winds to stormy conditions. This makes our kite spot a varied and exciting place for kitesurfers of all levels.

Tips & Info

We recommend for this trip a Travel insurance with cancellation protectionso that you are on the safe side if something should happen before or during the trip.

Just click here to see all the travel insurance information. 

Preis ab € 850 p. Person