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The Wachau is not a place but a region between Melk and Krems on the Danube in Lower Austria. The region is best known for the beautiful Melk Abbey and the high quality wine culture and cuisine. For mountain biking, the Wachau is probably still an insider tip.

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The Wachau is the region between Melk and Krems and lies directly on the Danube. It is only about 80 kilometers away from Vienna.

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Latitude: 15.47501844133904 Longitude: 48.3899787953749

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In addition to wine, apricots and Wachauer Weckerl, there is also a trail paradise to discover in the Wachau. Let yourself be surprised and immerse yourself in the culture of life and biking in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Bikers are welcomed in the Wachau region with consistent weather.

Weather during the travel period

Weather during the travel period

The warmest month in the Wachau is July, with the temperature averaging 13°C.



The climate is described as continental.

Culture &
Free time

Besides biking, the region offers almost unlimited possibilities when culinary and cultural enthusiasm awaken in you.

Free time

Leisure offer

In addition to a variety of sightseeing options of castles, abbeys and palaces, as well as museums, boating and visiting nature and garden experiences are also very prominent in the Wachau.



Worth seeing is definitely the baroque Melk Abbey, which is known worldwide and offers a wide variety of thematic focuses and tours for visitors. The monastery park is also beautiful and invites you to linger.



If you look around on the Wachau website, you will quite quickly discover a search function to find Heurige and vintners. The huge number of culinary establishments, vinotheques and small markets with regional products offers an experience of a special kind. You should definitely take your time for this.


Lifestyle & Tips

Be sure to get a snack in one of the typical "Heurigen" and enjoy a glass of wine with it.

Destination Info

The Wachau is located in Lower Austria. The usual, Austrian customs and traditions apply.

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Travel documents

Travel documents

Passport, if not from Austria
Covid documents, if applicable

Customs and rules

Customs and rules

With a "Servus" as a greeting you are always right here. It is customary to tip in restaurants, cabs and other service areas. If you did not grow up in Austria, you may be surprised by the Austrian or Styrian dialect.



The Wachau is a very safe place. Nevertheless, when there are large gatherings of people, you should watch out for pickpockets.



Krems on the Danube (Wachau) 23,898



The following of the Roman Catholic Church is largest in Styria.



Austria is a democratic republic, which means that the people elect their representatives.