In Ericeira, the Atlantic Ocean meets the coast with optimal wind and wave conditions together, which almost always gives the region perfect waves. The town of Ericeira was declared a "Surf Reserve of Europe" in 2011. In addition to surfing, you can also explore a variety of restaurants, bars and evening venues in the town. So Ericeira is the ideal place if you want to surf but also enjoy the nightlife. 

General info

Ericeira is located approximately in the middle of the west coast of Portugal and is about 40 km from the capital Lisbon. It is known as a traditional Portuguese fishing village, which has grown over the years (about 11,000 inhabitants).

Possible sports


In the south-west of Europe, directly on the Atlantic Ocean, lies Portugal - one of the most popular European surf destinations. With its endless coastlines, steep cliffs and enchanting bays, Portugal offers excellent surfing conditions all year round.
In Ericeira, the only World Surfing Reserve in Europe, you will find countless surf spots for all levels: surf novices, advanced surfers and experts! Even the surfing elite can be found here regularly because of the perfect waves!

Arrival is by plane (bookable at RETTER Sports) or on your own. The arrival airport is Lisbon, an airport transfer can be organized through us.

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Latitude: -9.41407102700741
Longitude: 38.94795158864142

Spot Check

Surfing in Ericeira is possible all year round. However, the best time for surfing beginners is the summer. For experienced surfers we recommend the time between October and April.


Wind/Wave Forecast Ericeira

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Weather during the travel period

However, it is windy all year round and has perfect wave conditions. During the year, the temperature usually ranges between 9°C and 26°C, and rarely goes below 6°C or above 32°C. The water averages about 17°C, which means it is quite cool.


In Portugal, summers are warm, dry and clear, while in winter it is usually cold, wet and partly cloudy.

Culture & Leisure

Besides surfing, you can also explore a variety of restaurants, bars and nightclubs in the city. So Ericeira is the ideal place if you want to surf but also enjoy the nightlife.

Leisure offer

Skating, beach volleyball, mountain biking, x-fit, andandand...Ericeira and the surrounding area have many casual activities to offer

Sightseeing attractions

We recommend visiting the following cities, all of which have wonderful sights to offer:

Lisbon: 40 km away
Sintra: 21 km away
Cascais: 35 km away
Nazaré: 118 km away
Peniche: 60 km away
Òbidos: 80 km away


Portugal is famous for its simple and tasty food and good wine. Typical Portuguese dishes are bacalhau (cod), sardines, polvo (octopus), chicken piri piri and porco preto (black pig). Since Ericeira is a fishing village, you should definitely try a simply grilled fish.


Country info

Portugal only borders Spain, but the Portuguese can only be compared to the Spanish to a limited extent. Portuguese are considered to be more reserved than their neighbors, and comparisons to Spain are not exactly welcome. Portuguese are generally considered to be very disciplined and modest people. Women are treated with respect for the most part.




Portuguese. Surf courses are offered in English and German.

Travel documents

Passport and social security card (eCard). Driver's license (if needed)
Here you can find out everything about the current Corona entry regulations. 

Customs and rules

  • Nudism is not allowed in Portugal, toplessness is usually tolerated, but not always. There you have to show some tact.
  • Tipping is common in Portugal and is usually expected.
  • Portuguese are considered to be an extremely proud people, so you should also develop a lot of tact here and above all refrain from political discussions.


Portugal is generally considered a safe country to travel. You should only be careful in the greater Lisbon area and in the tourist centers, as pickpocketing is very common.
Also, you should not leave any valuables in the (rental) car.


Portugal: 10.4 million inhabitants

Ericeira: approx. 10,300 inhabitants


95% Roman Catholic
Religious freedom prevails in Portugal


Portugal is classified as a functioning democracy

Our trips to this destination

Whether windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing or wakeboarding: Together with you we plan and design your individual surf course to learn to surf, your surf camp to improve your skills or your personal surf trip to experience your passion for the water with all your senses.