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E-bike Midsummer in Finland

On the road in Iso-Syöte National Park

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General info

From the starting point Lapland Bike Hotel we explore the national park of Iso-Syöte. The place is best known for its snowy winters and great skiing conditions. The international airports are about 2 hours away from the hotel, which was mostly newly built in 2020.

The groups are led by experienced and characterful (typically Finnish 😉 ) guides. Two of the guides - Pekka and Ammi - are also responsible for the trail network in the region and know the area and the trails inside out. Many natural trails may also only be ridden and explored with the guides. However, since most of the trails are easy to moderately difficult, the tours are also perfect for not yet so advanced e-bikers and families as well as groups.

The trip to Lapland is much more than just the bike program and trails. In any case, we would like to address you with the Lapland trip if you:

  • are a nature lover
  • you are a nature explorer
  • like to be active & "outdoors
  • look for the special & enjoy
  • are a trail lover
  • have a desire for other cultures
  • like to go to the sauna
Travel period

Travel period

01.08.2022 - 31.08.2022




Minimum age


Family friendly

Family friendly

Skill levels

On S1 trails there are smaller obstacles to overcome, such as shallow roots, small stones and rivulets. The gradient is a maximum of 40%. Hairpin turns are not expected. Basic riding skills such as metered braking and body shifting are necessary.

On S2 trails, expect larger roots, rocks, steps, shallow stairs and tight turns. The steepness is up to 70% in places. Advanced riding techniques such as overcoming obstacles by weight shifting are required.

Services &

In addition to accommodation and excellent food, the tour guidance by trained and certified guides (English-speaking) is of course included. During the tours we will provide you with packed lunches. A canoe tour with Hanhilampi Kota Wilderness Dinner incl. Smoke Sauna will be the special highlight of the trip.

Included services

Included services

7x overnight stay incl. excellent half board

Tour guidance by trained and certified guides (English-speaking)

Bike tour as described on the trails around the hotel

Canoe tour and Hanhilampi Kota Wilderness Dinner incl. Smoke Sauna

Airport transfers

Packed lunches for the road

Additional services (Exclusive)

Rental bike (e-bike/MTB) € 55 on the first day, each additional day € 45

Travel period


Travel price from 1950,00 €

& Catering

Lapland Bike Hotel is located in the middle of the summit of Iso-Syöte. Iso-Syöte is the southernmost "Tunturi" (=mountain) and only 432 meters high. But you should not be deceived by this low altitude, because even here there are conditionally demanding tours.

The Lapland Bike Hotel itself was renovated and mostly rebuilt in 2020, as there was unfortunately a fire in 2018 that caused significant damage to the building. At the hotel we are spoiled with excellent cuisine.



Excellent half board is included in the Lapland Bike Hotel. In addition, you will be provided with packed lunches on the tours. Highlight is a canoe tour with Hanhilampi Kota Wilderness Dinner incl. Smoke Sauna.


The hotel offers rental bikes (MTB and e-bikes). This makes the journey much easier.

If you want to bring your own mountain bike to Finland, an all-mountain bike with about 140 mm of suspension travel is ideal. Although a full-suspension bike is much more comfortable, it is not absolutely necessary.

You will receive a complete packing list when you book your trip.


All-Mountain-Fully with approx. 140 mm suspension travel

Safety equipment

Helmet, sunglasses, gloves, possibly knee protectors

& Arrival

Finnish Lapland has a lot to offer with the nature park around Iso Syöte. Especially for e-bikers.

Travel options

Arrival is by flight via Helsinki to Oulu with Finnair/Norra. If you wish a pick-up, please book your flight with arrival around 6pm in Oulu. Otherwise, a cab ride to the hotel is also possible (self-pay, approx. € 250 - 275 one way).

Flight via Helsinki to Oulu


An extraordinary mountain biking program awaits us in Finland. Even away from biking, the program is ideal to get to know Finland and its culture.


Subject to change depending on group/weather.

Day 1

Meet and greet directly at the airport in Oulu. Pick up by the team and about two hours drive to the hotel. Maybe we will see the first reindeer shortly after the airport, but if not - don't worry, we will see enough. Check-in at the hotel, short briefing about the program and the upcoming activities of the coming week. Dinner together and then it's off on the bikes for a short test ride: due to the brightness, this is still possible after 10 pm. For those who prefer to watch the midnight sun from the Arctic Spa, the sauna or their own bed, we will meet the next day at breakfast.

Accommodation in Finland

Day 2

After a hearty breakfast, we set off. We quickly pack the included isotonic sports drinks and then we ride one of the official tracks in Isosyöte. We cover most of the way on single trails and get to know the mystical forests and bogs of Finland. Speaking of bogs, here we have a first challenge to overcome: The Duckboards.

Duckboards are two boards running side by side that allow you to cross the marshes. Depending on the length of these Wooden Trails, some are several hundred meters long, and the nature of the boards, some practice is required. But after the first few meters, you get the hang of it and can enjoy the ride across the marshes in the days that follow.

On the way we visit the National Park Visitor Center. Besides the history of the Sámi, the local climatic conditions and the nature of the forests, we can of course fortify ourselves for the coming climb. Did we mention that the hotel is located on a hill? About 250hm and 3km of ascent lie ahead of us. These could also be tightened via a shortcut - who likes, can really exhaust himself here at the end.

Length of the tour: 33 km, altitude difference: 450 hm


Overnight stay and dinner at the hotel, use of Arctic Spa including sauna free of charge possible

Reindeer in Lyngen in Finland

Day 3

Today we go on the flow trails towards Kelo Syöte, another Tunturi in the area. Syöte, by the way, is the marking that it is a mountain. Kelo is the name of the settlement there. Lunch will be served today on the tour around the campfire. The provisions will be delivered. On the way back we will pass a husky farm and have coffee there. Often very young husky babies are waiting for us in the summer. And the 96 other dogs are always very happy when someone comes by.

Length of the tour: 40-55 km, altitude difference: 500 Hm

Overnight stay and dinner at the hotel, use of Arctic Spa including sauna free of charge possible

Why the somewhat inaccurate length specification? The tour can be made a little longer or shorter, depending on your wishes. And that is the great advantage of this bike destination. Due to the close network of trails and the incredible local knowledge of the guides, the tour, unlike in high alpine terrain, can also be adapted to your skills during the ride.

E-biker in Lapland

Day 4

Today is the day when the group can decide for themselves what to do after breakfast. Either enjoy the new spa area of the hotel with pool, jacuzzi, saunas and various offers of massages. Or opt for one of the following optional activities:

  • Visit to Ranua wildlife enclosure with animals living in the polar region followed by Santa Klaus' visit to Santa Village in Rovaniemi. With the obligatory crossing of the Arctic Circle.
  • Rivertubing - very popular in Finland: drifting on the river with an inner tube.
  • Catch your own fish: fishing and fly fishing with Finnish professionals. Unforgettable!

Of course you can also take the bikes and explore the surroundings on your own. Overnight stay and dinner at the hotel, use of the Arctic Spa including sauna free of charge possible.

Guide in Finland

Day 5

On this day you should make full use of the breakfast offer, we will start a completely new trail towards Ahmavaara. Due to the nature of the trail - the ground is relatively soft - the tour will be challenging in terms of fitness. The technical challenges are also greater today than on the two previous rides. But by now you are already familiar with the Finnish trails and certainly won't have any problems. However, depending on the technical and conditional skills of the group, we can also offer an alternative route.

Water we can catch at many springs with drinking water quality. And food we will eat in Ahmavaara hut or in a mobile Laavu hut on the way.

Length of the tour 25-30 km, altitude difference: 400 hm

Overnight stay and dinner at the hotel, use of Arctic Spa including sauna free of charge possible

Group of e-bikers in Finland around campfire

Day 6

Another day without bike, because today we go by canoe along the Pärjänjoki river. The Pärjänjoki is a small river in the nature reserve around Iso-Syöte. The canoes are provided by the organizer and each is occupied by two people. By the way, the captain sits in the back. With the help of the guides and the moderate current we let ourselves drift and enjoy the views of the untouched landscape.

On the way we will have lunch and coffee around the campfire. After the approx. 4-5 hour excursion we will return to the hotel. Overnight stay and dinner at the hotel, use of the Arctic Spa including sauna free of charge possible.

jetty with lake in Finland

Day 7

The queen stage: It goes on the trails of the Iso-Syöte MTB event. The trails are conditionally and technically challenging, but detours and alternatives are possible. On this day a surprise is waiting for you. We don't want to reveal more, but: You will really dive into the Finnish way of life and tell about it for a long time! (Background info: We usually don't tell the guests that on the last day the dinner incl. smokesauna will take place in Hanhilampi. It is an absolute highlight and a great conclusion to this trip).

A kota in the style of a tepee, like the Sámi used to build. There we will have a typical Finnish meal prepared over an open fire. The candles in the kota will create the original, mystical atmosphere and we will not freeze. We will sit on cozy and warming reindeer skins.

Before dinner there is another highlight. We visit one of the typical Finnish, but only a few still existing smoke saunas. This special type of sauna is heated almost 24 hours by a wood stove, there is no chimney or other exhaust. The smoke is released through roof hatches only after the operating temperature is reached. That is why smoke saunas are completely sooty inside. Due to its rarity, UNESCO included the smoke sauna in the list of intangible cultural heritage of mankind. After the sauna, the crystal clear lake right next door beckons. A jump into the cool water is a must

After dinner, full of unforgettable impressions, we will return to the hotel by shuttle.

Length of the tour: 45-55 km, altitude difference: 500 Hm

Overnight stay and dinner at the hotel, use of Arctic Spa including sauna free of charge possible

E-bike riding in Finland

Day 8

Unfortunately, it is time to say goodbye. After breakfast you will take the shuttle back to the airport and go home. Or you can extend a few more days and enjoy the Wilderness of Finland on your own. After all, there are plenty of flights on other days as well.

Racing animals in Finland

Price from 1950,00 € p. person